Mountain Meadows Massacre

On or about September 11, 1857, a caravan of travelers from Arkansas were massacred on this site. Sources for more information: A g-g-great granddaughter of Brigham Young tells of family secrets; see and read monument names of victims & survivors; general background & historical facts about the massacre.

Click on the links above if you’d like to see the massacre site in photographs. To enlarge the slideshow on your screen, click directly on it.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Meadows Massacre

  1. I was actually trying to comment on your ‘long and short of it” writing exercise. I hope it is ok to do so here. I loved the short of it. Captivating. Maybe at my age I just can’t manage the long sentences anymore.
    Have you read Juanita Brook’s book about the mountain meadows massacre? It is awesome.

    • Your comment was a lovely surprise, and it’s perfectly fine to put it here. I’m actually very glad you left it since it lead me to your own blog, unearthly landing at Blogspot. I really enjoyed yesterday’s post, and look forward to getting back and reading more. It’s very gratifying you liked the writing exercises. In view of what I read on “unearthly” I see why you might like the short one best. That character sketch came from a much longer piece and the protagonist, J.J., is a middle-aged woman whose own journey to discoveries similar to our own (equal rights) comes about through this car-jacking ride. I never finished it completely because an editor showed such strong interest that it scared me off writing the rest. Explain that?! I can’t, but I’m sure a fellow writer would understand! And no, I have NOT read the version of Mountain Meadows Massacre you mentioned, but I’m adding it to my list. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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