Special Invitation from Comedienne, Mrs. Hughes!

Two of my posts continue to receive a ridiculously high number of hits considering the quality of my writing, which I can only presume is because of my new friendship with Mrs. Hughes herself because of a YouTube video I posted on My Wintersong after first discovering her in early December of 2007. I’ve been on a hiatus–or more accurately–a vacation from blogging for a couple of weeks now. I found I needed to learn how to better balance my time so that there was time for other things in my life besides blogging, or spending time at the computer. During that lovely lull I’ve finished four books, seen countless movies, starting exercising more regularly, had a first sleepover with the grandkids (6 and 3), which is another milestone in life that I’ve lived through. I’ve also spent some time swinging in Hubby’s porch swing, watering the tomato plants every day and guarding them from the squirrels and rabbits who are always ready to devour them while they’re still little green nubbins. Suffice it to say I’m not quite ready to come back yet, but I’ve noticed that when you take time to live instead of sitting in front of a computer terminal, you actually have things you want to say. I’m keeping a list, and I’ll be back soon, although probably never again on a daily basis. A result of that “balance” thing I’m learning, you see.

How-some-ever, I got a NEW comment on the obnoxious name-dropping post about Mrs. Hughes (which was picked up by both Chicago Sun Times and Reuters online editions in February by the way) in which the lady herself (my new friend!) has issued a special invitation. Rather than re-phrase her comment here, I’ll just make it easy on myself and copy it verbatim right here. Too bad I no longer live in Las Vegas so I could be there in the audience, but I’m getting ahead of myself. This invitation is for YOU, all of you Mrs. Hughes fans! Congratulations Mrs. Hughes (you too, Bobo!) I’ll be watching if it don’t rain and the creek don’t rise! You have it from a number one fan and personal friend !

comment #10 from Obnoxious Name Dropping from Mrs. Carol Hughes:

“Bobo and I were having lunch the other day and laughing at the your wonderful blog and replies to celebrity encounters. I was recognized at the air port. A first for me.

I will be on the Jerry Lewis Telethon on August 31, late in the show, WITH Jerry. Quite a coup I’ve been told. If any of your readers are anywhere I am performing be sure they send me a note or make a scene so I can meet them.