Can’t Rush Spring!

Yesterday morning as I was dressing to go to class, I was tempted to break out the spring clothes and wear some springy green slacks the sunshine outside my bedroom window seemed to be calling for. I’m so tired of winter clothes! I looked out the bedroom window and noticed the bloom covered apricot tree  that provided the needed tipping point. The outdoor thermometer told me that despite the brightness of the morning, it actually was still a bit chilly, so I quickly threw on a summer yellow and green print blouse and topped it with a darker green spring sweater, then pulled on the green slacks from last year.  I headed out. With my streaked blonde hair I looked like a walking daffodil. I didn’t care. I’d waited long enough for spring weather! It was time. 

The wind picked up and clouds started rolling in while I was driving to the University. By the time I walked across the lawn to my classroom around 1:15 p.m. for the 1:30 class, I noticed an enormous raindrop sail past — or was that a sludgy snowflake? All during class, I kept glancing out the window to see the snow coming down almost at a sidewise slant. By the time class was over, the grass and car windows were slowly disappearing beneath an inch or so of snow/sludge. 
Driving was slow and a little slippery. Everyone in the cars around me on the drive home looked stunned! At home in the benches, the deck and porch were swiftly being covered with a couple inches of the wet stuff, and the apricot blooms outside my window? Gone. Nothing but big fat snowballs all along the limbs. No apricots again this year. And there I stood feeling like a blooming idiot in my spring outfit!