We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

When I first saw this video it reminded me of the old movies from the l950’s and earlier. I know I got some of my original ideas about men/women relationships from those movies. For instance, women never shouted. If you get upset with your husband, then while you’re talking with him face to face you simply whirl your body around dramatically and show him your back while you tell him what’s wrong with him.

Then at dinner parties the men retire to the drawing room and drink whiskey and smoke cigars, while it’s not at all clear what the women did now that I think about it. In Grandma’s house the men went to the porch and the women retired to the kitchen to spend an hour or two cleaning it up after taking all morning to prepare the meal which took all of 10 minutes for the men to eat.

So while the 2 minute 20 second video makes the rounds of email forwards as a poke poke joke to say to women everywhere “women know your limits,” I look at it and think, “Wow! We’ve come a long, long way.” See what you think: