Nature Changes her Palette from Summer to Autumn Colors

Yesterday was a perfectly beautiful autumn day here along the Wasatch Front. Too bad there won’t be many more to follow, as change is already in the wind. Nature has already begun the final preparations for Utah’s winter canvas with her splashy autumn palette.  So I’m taking the time to enjoy a few seasonal leftovers from our Wasatch garden with you.

Before we go into the back yard, here’s a glimpse of the group of Aspens near the stairway entry to our house. (By the way, Hubby wants everyone to know that it was HE who took these beautiful pictures. But it was with MY camera!)

Here’s the view just outside our back yard. The deer and other winter critters will be congregating here soon. That’s Mount Olympus on the right. At an elevation of about 9,000 feet above sea level, it’s one of the most prominent and recognizable mountains viewable from practically every location in the Salt Lake Valley.

You remember that hideaway I showed you in another garden tour, the one Hubby worked so hard on this spring? Here’s how it looks finished as much as it’s gonna be and nestled among the western scrub oaks. You know how many times he actually used it over the summer? Exactly as I predicted: zero (just too hot in the summertime)!

This is area between our house (the bottom roofline) and our neighbor (top left). If you can make it out, the green along the fence is the grapevine that hangs over our side (we get to pick those) and they taste so good, I’m sure they would make excellent summer wine. The red maple wears this red dress all year except winter when she sheds all her clothes and wears white snow. A lot.

To end my garden tour, here are the last splashes of summer’s colors from our summer roses. I’ll be clipping them off tonight because our forecast for a low tonight is 34 degrees in the valley, so that’ll mean frost here most probably in the mountain benches. I’ll miss the flowers and the autumn colors.

Hope you’re taking the time to enjoy your seasonal change no matter where you are.