Dancing with Snowball

Anyone who’s ever watched me try to dance or danced with  me knows I practically have two left feet. (Remember, Tom T in Pittsburgh?) And forget about trying to talk me into a jazzercise class anymore! Been there. Done that. Didn’t work! Fuhgit about it! It was humiliating, trust me. So I was very excited to get this video from Bob in Las Vegas. I think I just had the wrong teachers all these years.

This is Snowball, a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo living at the Bird Lovers Only Rescue in Schererville, Indiana. Apparently Snowball only dances when he’s inspired. As it happens, he loves the Back Street boys and has taught himself to dance to “Everybody.” I’ve been watching this video over and over. I believe I now have the moves all down pat. Wait ’til I go to the gym’s movement class next time. Barb will be so surprised!!!!

Boogie Woogie Revival

Wednesday and Thursday were killer days for me with five total classes, and homework for the weekend, so naturally my brain and body are both too spent to post anything intelligent today. So I decided to have a ball watching two of my favorite boogie woogie dancers instead. Will and Maéva give an awesome rubber boned performance while Silvan Zingg plays his composition “Dancin’ the Boogie.” (I seem to remember reading somewhere that this couple is French, but I don’t offer that with any authority. How about it? Anyone in France reading this by chance who might confirm this information?) This one’s been around for a couple of years now; and had faded from mind, but thanks to my friend Bob in Las Vegas for nudging my memory with this oldie but goodie. It runs 2 minutes 48 seconds. If you can spare the time, I know you’ll enjoy it too.