thank heaven for little girls

Walter Dean Myers is an African-American author of young adult literature, but at least one of his books, FALLEN ANGELS, a coming-of-age novel set in Vietnam, was placed on The American Library Association’s list of frequently challenged books because of its adult language and realistic depiction of the war. He’s a prolific author of more than 50 books, including non-fiction and the book of photographs and verse from which today’s featured verse appeared in 1993. I like it because it’s such a dead-on portrait of a child and makes me think of my granddaughter who will soon turn seven. She’s been giggling from an early age, just as little girls should.

Jeannie Had a Giggle

by Walter Dean Myers

Jeannie had a giggle just beneath her toes
She gave a little wiggle and up her leg it rose

She tried to grab the giggle as it shimmied past her knees
But it slid right past her fingers with a “‘scuse me if you please”

It slipped around her middle, it made her jump and shout
Jeannie wanted that giggle in, that giggle wanted out!

Jeannie closed her mouth, but then she heard a funny sound
As out that silly giggle flew and jumped down to the ground

Jeannie caught it with her foot just beneath her toe
She gave a little wiggle and up her leg it rose