3 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Oh yum … I had never noticed the recipe section for some reason. I’m going to have to try every one of them except maybe the fruit cake. I had a friend talk me into making fruit cake once using gum drops instead of the fruit thingies but it tasted like fruitcake to us. Mother used to slice little pieces off hers all year long.

  2. Moved into this house that has two huge peach trees that had been neglected, but produced a dozen delicious fruits each year. With a little attention, this year, it is telling me how happy it is to give me about a bushel ful of its treasures. Now what??? Of course, I will can the large , attractive ones, but the culls are going to go into chutney. Do you have a good recipe for spicy peach chutney? Today’s batch has cinnamon, mustard seed, ginger and allspice and a dash of cayenne.. For the next, what other spices can I use? I’ve googled it, but think you might know of someth;ing more authentic.

    Loved your account of travels along the Oregon Coast, and glad you saw Mickie. Did you see Jackie and Hal also? I know Jackie worked there, but did not realize what a marvelous acquarium it is. Good to get a glance of you watching the fishes.

    It is Obon time also in Salt Lake, I see. We had one in Watsonville where there are so many Japanese residents. The old timers, the Immigrants are about gone now, but the Nisei are carrying on the tradition.

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