Two Under the Indian Sun by Jon and Rumer Godden

Jon and Rumer Godden grew up in India during the days of the British Raj, and later both became best-selling and prolific authors. Jon wrote “Shiva’s Pigeons,” which I also have in my collection. Many more readers may be more familiar with Rumer’s “An Episode of Sparrows,” which was also made into a movie.

Strangely enough, I read this book several years before meeting my husband in 1967. I was mesmerized by the fascinating country they brought to light through their writing skills. As I read it I could almost feel the sunshine and smell the jasmine garlands, and I began to love their collection of people almost as much as they. Never in a million years did I dream, as I was reading this, that I would make many visits there myself, beginning in 1980.

4 thoughts on “Two Under the Indian Sun by Jon and Rumer Godden

  1. One of my favourite books! I had read most of Rumer’s books before finding this one. Before our trip to India in 1973/4 I read all the fiction I could about India, and all Rumer’s books set in India were so evocative.

    Ive seen the house where she live in Rye when she returmed to England.

    Amazing life story – even the later years.

    • Hello again. I took the liberty of checking out your stepping stones of truth (as well as the blog from your time in Japan) on Blogspot, and enjoyed them very much. It’s also interesting to note that one of your favorite movies as also become one of mine since I saw it last summer: Spring, summer, winter, fall. (I may have the title slightly out of order) It is truly a memorable movie. After the holiday craziness settles, and everybody can go back to a dull routine, I hope to come back and get better acquainted through stepping stones.

  2. I’ll add these to my collection – you know how fascinated I am with India to begin with. Meanwhile, I heard on NPR that there is going to be an onslaught of Bollywood films and information pouring into the market about right now. There is a miniseries on PBS I believe about the Bollywood industry. I’m on my way to Portugal so will miss it. It’s called Bollywood Hero –

    • I don’t think you’ll regret it at all! This has long been a favorite of mine, even before Hubby came along. Now I’m reading Madhu Jaffery’s tale, Climbing the Mango Tree, about her growing up years. I love biographies.
      As for Bollywood, 40 years ago I would laugh derisively at the movies where obligatory dancing was required at regular intervals whether the storyline concerned gangstahs or funerals–didn’t matter, but nowadays I think they’re delightful. Then it was ridiculously bouncy (read that overweight) heroines on stairs or riverside, tailored made seemed to me to make you feel good about your own body flaws. These days, I don’t know if they got their moves from Michael Jackson or he from they, but in my new understanding of living in the flow, I enjoy them very much. I think it’s funny how they’re coming on so strong in the U.S. now. Yes, I saw the trailer made a couple days ago in NYC, and wished I could have been there.

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