About Wintersong

There are several ways to read the posts in this blog. A regular reader will see the latest posting upon entry. Or click on specific subjects such as paradigm shifts or Quilting, for archived material. You may note BookDraft in the Category sidebar. This category is, as it says, an initial drafting of postings that could might eventually become a book of my life as I remember it. It will be written “off the cuff” with little regard to correctness of grammar, language, etc., and what you may see this month could actually be much different several months down the line. That is the nature of learning to write. It isn’t as simple as it may seem. If you’d like to learn more about the title, Wintersong, go to February archives and click on “Hear my wintersong.”

I started this blog before Christmas for what I thought of as a “creative” venture, and for a long while I wasn’t sure in what way I wanted to proceed. So I took time off and read a lot of blogs and decided I’d like to hone in on a theme of “life in the retirement” mode. I like to think of it as a kind of journal I keep with a record of our new life (my husband’s and mine) in retirement. Will it prove to be an invigorating experience, or will it eventually lead to mental and physical stagnation? What will the long, sometimes scheduless, days lead us to? I know there are a lot of “us” out there as we were both born on the cusp of the “baby boomer” years. Thanks for visiting my blog. Comments are not necessary but are appreciated.

21 thoughts on “About Wintersong

  1. Hmmm. I see you’ve changed the entry page of your blog…
    It’s not quite as accessible for your regular readers, because it takes two clicks to find the most recent post. I take it you wanted a home page that doesn’t change?

  2. Now this proves that you have waaaaaay toooooo much time on your hands MOSUP, so get your unbusy posterior back to Sin City where you once led us less fortunate beings into situations a normal human could never even dream of!
    You might as well bring that, that, that, whatever it is you’re married to along also! We still have the Padded Cell you used to keep him in, so he will always have a safe place to stay!

  3. Well, I’m now going to be a regular reader.
    Didn’t realize we’re in the same age group and you’re also retired.
    So we probably are interested in a lot of the same topics.
    I love the name Wintersong and will have to find my way to that post to read your reason for choosing this.

  4. I love the “Wintersong” title, the calendar, and the picture show, especially, and you certainly write well. We’ve met on The Elders Tribune, and I hope you check out my blogs too.

    Marlys (Seniorwriter)

  5. Your blog just appeared on a Google alert for blogs by women over 60 and I am so happy to find it. Am enjoying your posts. I retired from a rewarding demanding job on June 30 and after a summer of visiting friends and family, I am clearing clutter and cleaning house in order to let the ‘new’ in, whatever it will be. I’m blogging almost every day now as I move along. Just great to find Wintersong and find out how you are welcoming this new state of ours.

  6. I am soooo looking forward to retirement, not to quit working, but to quit working for “the man,” which in my case is a bunch of mostly backward Texas legislators, who are responsible for funding higher ed, but never quite take it seriously enough…

    I see another “elder blogger,” Marlys here, it is a joy to discover intelligent women over 60 who write beautifully. Go to Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes By–what it’s really like to get older for a lusciously long link list of blogging women and men our age. You can also download the “Proud Elderblogger” badge if you are so inclined.

  7. I found you from Time Goes By. I will come again. I am not yet retired. I am a nurse in a Neonatal ICU, and look forward to carefree days.Hope you enjoy your retirement.

  8. It is so exciting to find all these old people bloggers! And they say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I have been retired since May 1st and haven’t missed the rats racing at all. Blog hunting is relatively new to me … I had no idea there were so many interesting things to read and people willing to be met. I love the name … Wintersong … so much more creative than Grandma Henke … but oh well, that’s who I am so it will do. I’m looking forward to coming back and getting to know you and some more of the cronies.

  9. Another mature person finds your blog!

    I saw your comment on PureLandMountain.com and thought I would take a visit.

    It was lovely to see your slide show of your family. My husband is half Bengali, though born in Britain.

    I’ll be back!

    • Hello Val, welcome to my Wintersong; I’m always hoping to attract mature persons! I see you live in England, once of my favorite places to visit as a rest-over on our way to or from India. After I saw a few Bengali movies featuring Indian weddings I’ve often joked with my husband that I married into the wrong sect of Indians. To further explain, from having attended a number of Indian weddings in the south, the Bengali weddings were decidedly more fun for everybody! If the movies I saw were true to fact, then there’s a lot of dancing going on, and everybody looks happy.

  10. Each time I flip over to your blog and watch your slide show (I just showed Tatjana and she exclaimed – I WANT A BABY! when we were looking at the pics of you and your husband when the girls were young) – I think how great it is that we live in a world where there are blogs like these – places for a quasi, spontaneous oral history of our lives. It’s in the daily things – planting seeds, looking through old photos, loving our loved ones – that a life is made.

    It’s odd but I must have looked more closely this time to realize you are considered an “elder” blogger (not a great term by the way) – wise blogger might be a better description – but when you were commenting on my blog your voice always sounded wise but youthful so I just assumed you were younger than me.

  11. What a great blog! I’m so glad to read writing from another Southern-raised spirit. Thanks for the comment on the grits entry.

  12. Wow, so good to hear of you again. This blog is wonderful. I am in awe. I liked your photos with music. Great family. You are an inspiration.
    When I took your writing class in Las Vegas, I was going through a terrible time in my life( both Mother and Mother in law had Alzheimers). You helped me a lot getting through that tough time by writing. Thank you.
    I kept on writing thanks to you. You finally got your writing organized. I remember “Ode to a Cockroach” written from an incident in Meadows Mall.

    Peace and Love,

  13. It’s not everyday I get a note from a great historian and story teller, Maurice. Thanks for stopping by and a very happy new year to you too!

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