Happy New Year – 2019

It’s amazing what old age will do to you. For the hubby and me, it means you find yourself addressing “Christmas cards” on New Year’s Day. Somewhere around December 22nd, the hubby and I realized we weren’t going to get the Christmas cards out on time after all. So, because there was little other choice, we decided to purposely wait and make them a “Seasons Greetings” as soon as we could in the new year.   

Much of the year was spent keeping doctor’s appointments and “having procedures.” In March my “routine mammography” became anything but when, instead of being called in and blessed with the “You can go home now, everything looks normal” reply I’d expected, I was led to a quiet side-chapel room to await a private talk with the oncologist. Yep, it was the old “lower case c” announcement every woman dreads. This time, instead of a recurrence of the 2010 non-Hodgkins lymphoma found in a lump in my breast, it was a ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in the other breast. Then came the usual procedures including another colonoscopy and endoscopy to make sure it hadn’t spread. Then the lumpectomy, and hopefully all the affected skin cells duly removed–all with waiting periods in between. Then another three weeks of daily radiation, and it was determined that I had at that time “no (further) evidence of the disease. From now on I’ll face each mammography I have with dread. During this time, I had to twice reschedule a complete knee replacement we had expected to do in April much later than expected. 

I finally got the new knee in August. You’ve probably heard the old adage. My version goes “surgery went well, but  the patient almost died due to complications from low sodium and bad reaction to pain medication. It’ll make a good story if you like that sort of humor.

Now, four months later, I’m beginning to feel it might have been worth it. I walk well now, and that means there may be more travel possibilities in our future. Hubby’s bucket list is very long, so we’re hoping for a good year in 2019 that may include some travel. During this down time, and so much time on the couch during the various recovery periods, we made a new best friend of Netflix–who was always there for us. We both got hooked on NYT crossword puzzles. Even though I know many words–I have the very best words–Hubby is so much better, but I’m getting better, both health- AND word-wise.  In spite of all our bad new habits, we hope to get better organized in 2019 and do everything on our “must do” list on time. We’re grateful we’re ending the year better than it began. It’s all in the attitude. For now, we’ll just raise our virtual glasses to wish everyone a Most Healthy and Happy New Year.

wine glasses






8 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2019

  1. I wish you a great year. Sorry to hear about all the problems, but happy it all seems to be better. Get going on that bucket list.

    • Hi Ruthe. It’s cold outside, the kind of cold that freezes the water pipes, but as soon as we thaw out, We hope to do just that. (Btw, I loved your latest creative book. From this side of the screen it looks like heirloom and museum pieces–just beautiful!

  2. So sorry to hear about all your travails but glad that you are on the mend and hopefully will never hear from that c word again. Miss you guys I hope visiting Las Vegas is on your bucket list. Happy and healthy new year to you both .

    • Gosh, it would be great to get there for a few days! Things change so quickly in Las Vegas. Blink your eyes and a new casino goes up. Love to visit the beautiful hills around there too. It’s always nice to hear from you. We spent so many happy daze there, didn’t we?

    • Sue, we think of you too. We really loved those “meatless” meat pies you used to make at Christmastime–and much much more!

  3. Sorry to hear of your health issues. We are not getting younger and health issues increase with age. I hope you can accomplish many of your bucket list items in 2019. We have a few planned for us because we feel it’s now or never.
    May you have a happy and healthy new year.
    Mary Morris (Italy trip).

    • Wonderful to hear from you! We both remember so fondly eating and walking our way through Rome, and your artful snapshots of all those small fountains everywhere, and the biggest and bestest (but much too crowded) of them all, the Trevi. I hope the coins we threw in were sufficient to guarantee another visit someday!

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