Drinking and flying don’t mix!

I pop in today after a long silence to bring you this timely message. An uninvited “visitor” flew in for the season last night and unfortunately met with great misfortune. Her tragedy does make for a timely message however.

Happy Halloween from Hubby and me at Wintersong. And don’t forget, stock up on treats and keep a watch out for nasty tricks.

IMG_0162 drunken witch

P.S. What was she doing flying on that manufactured broom anyway? She should have known only “natural” works for real witches!

9 thoughts on “Drinking and flying don’t mix!

    • ThanksRuth. Sometimes the old noggin still works for me. Sure good to hear from you, especially after the tragedy in Pittsburgh today. I was a little worried about you particularl

    • Thanks Ruth! So good to hear from you. I was thinking of you especially today after the tragedy in Pittsburgh this morning. Such a waste!

  1. Loved………………… loved your clever way of making me smile………and grin……. and just enjoy you entering my world right now. You are so so clever ! And…. for some reason… my email address is not being recognized I could not continue…before to add more.!!!! Hope this goes through.

  2. So ….. start please telling us about the ”’years in-between”! They are surely going to be a hug in the heart…… no matter if they are up….s or down….s ! Love hearing what you have to share.

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