Forgetting Milestones . . . does it really mean anything? Or just no-nevermind as long as it still works?


When I married my husband in the last century, he was officially 10 months younger than I, not too much, but still beyond the “ideal” marriage-age-gap of the southern culture I grew up in.  So, even though he was very handsome (for whatever reason I never saw that as important and besides I thought good–i.e., faithful, men always wore thick glasses and eventually went bald–I couldn’t imagine my  life with anyone except him because he was very intelligent, and he laughed at my jokes! With all the strikes against us, my being from the south and he being slightly tan and from a maybe at-one-time s***hole country according to “some people”. I figured we’d need a good sense of humor and turns out I was right!

To get directly to the “meat” of this conversation, you’d think being 10 months younger, his memory would be better than mine! Au contraire, mon ami! We BOTH went through the whole day with our normal retirement routines–he to the gym and me to the hair salon, then home for lunch, and a little news to make sure we weren’t at war or that we hadn’t missed an important announcement from the justice department. I’ve found the drone of cable news becomes a great source of white noise to take small naps with. Dinnertime came. Still there was no thought whatsoever that we could have been out at some nice place having a gourmet dinner and drinking anything stronger than my usual  southern “sweet” tea as we relished leftovers for dinner.  

This morning as I was enticed from my bed with a strong coffee aroma drifting into the bedroom, I heard a voice coming from our office opposite the kitchen. “Happy Anniversary” Laughing at our forgetfulness later, Hubby messaged our daughters “Hey, it’s okay that we forgot our anniversary (49th) yesterday, but not okay that you two forgot also. Dad”

Wedding anniversaries are pretty big deals back home, especially milestones ones. I was thinking at the time we married that we were both too old (I’d just turned 27, and he was technically younger at 26) and that we’d probably never live long enough to celebrate the “really big ones of 25 and 50.” I felt so old and wise at the time, and quite certain I wouldn’t last as long as I have. Now here we are, just one year away from the really BIG one! (Note to daughters, this is the one where you are to collectively send us on an exotic trip since neither of us have nearby family to come and throw us a big party and celebrate in style! ) God willing and the creek don’t rise we’ll both still be around for number 50. However, I’m counting on HIM to remind me . . . after all he’s 10 months younger!



9 thoughts on “Forgetting Milestones . . . does it really mean anything? Or just no-nevermind as long as it still works?

  1. Loved it. Can’t believe you could forget………… but then sometimes I forget how old I am. Ha.
    They used to tell us girls back then…….”Marry a younger man, as men age faster than women and die younger than females.” So you did a good thing. We, Lou and I, will be celebrating our 63rd anniversary June 18th and you better believe we won’t forget it. All we talk about is… “Good grief… it’s been 63 years come June 18th.” Amazing how time flies when you are having fun…and our motto has always been, “Come Grow Old… along with me, the best is yet to be.”
    Thanks for reminding us of so many memories….. and bring such smiles to our hearts. Louise

    • Remembering the good times…I like that thought. I’ll have to share some of my ideas for doing just that, even though out of the other ear I keep vaguely hearing, live in the present! Whoever says that I say, “just take YOUR turn realizing you just may be getting old if you . . . (yada yada yada!) 😀 I love your happy voice reflected in your comments! Helps make my day. 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary ! Hope ’50’ will be that exotic trip. Not that you haven’t taken many already.

    • Me too! Just a thought but you and John must be on the cusp of that anniversary yourselves. Don’t you think the southwest would be an exotic place to visit?

  3. Happy anniversary to the both of you! Whether or not you remember the date, you have the memories with you always! miss you guys💟💟💟

    • Thanks old buddy! We have some great memories together, too, don’t we? Remember those old-fashioned malted milk shakes we used to drive miles and miles to get on those curvy hill-and-dale roads? In that rickety rackety jeep of Bob’s?! 😀 “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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