hubby’s new hero

pasu with former cia director john brennanIn the interest of self-restraint, as well as fulfilling a duty to my health to control my blood pressure, I’d decided not to get into politics in my blog posts, but dammit! All the events of the last few days (or year and a half–or all preceding campaign years, what the hell)  have conspired to make me assert an alternative: I will only resort to politics to reassert my freedom as an American–because I still can! Can’t be sure that will be true much longer!

Last week the hubby and I had the good fortune of attending a world leaders lecture forum and dinner with former CIA Director John Brennan, pictured here. As it turns out, Mr. Brennan seems to be one of the few in Washington who dares to speak up in rightly criticizing the worst President (and I cringe as I type the word) in my personal memory. Not only is he hubby’s new hero, but mine as well. I also applaud Republican John McCain for his comments too. How many other Republicans will stand up for Country ahead of political gains.

On a more personal note, hubby’s hair is much longer lately. He’s elected to grow it
long to donate to an organization specializing in providing wigs for children temporarily bald due to cancer treatment. He still has a very long growing season ahead to provide at least 7-8 inches. Ideas for strategies in maintenance are welcome.



6 thoughts on “hubby’s new hero

  1. He’s mine also!! HIs words have been oft repeated among liberal circles in chat. McCain I thought had lost all his integrity when he campaigned against President Obama, but I am happy to see he has regained it and vocally so!

  2. What a yo-yo world we live in now, It helps knowing we aren’t alone, but have you noticed the restraint on personal conversations these days, afraid the strangers we meet who seem so nice are really on “the other side.” Thanks for checking in. 😉

  3. Good to see you are both alive and well. I like Pasu’s long hair and I like why he’s growing it. I hope all is well. At any rate glad to be reading your blog again.

    • All is well here (as far as we know) and hope the same for you. Who knew we’d actually love living here in spite of the irregular winters, all the snowstorms and spring winds that can almost knock you off your feet! : )

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