Where’s my old dust rag?

alice current 2018I’ve been poking around in here the past few days. It’s made me sorta miss coming here. Wonder if I should might start coming here again once in a while. At least that way anyone who happens by here will know I’m not dead yet. Hummmmmmmmm !  Where’s my old dust rag I wonder . . .

22 thoughts on “Where’s my old dust rag?

    • RUTH!!!! ‘Can’t tell the number of times I’ve loitered around checking out your books (online), especially now that my daughter (here in Utah) has begun to renew her interest in arts and venture into making her own books. I mention your “booking” blog to her hoping she’ll be so intrigued so as not to quit, though with two teenagers and her research she has so little “me” time. Every woman needs her “me time”–I know you’ll agree.

  1. I think of you a lot. It was so wonderful to know you! Pie parties! Tales of your original family! Tales of your current family! Grandmother stories! And on!! Recently, one of my granddaughters went India for a friends’ wedding and trip around the country. It reminded me of the vicarious trip we took with you thru India — I’ve never forgotten it! Love you, Grace. PS I am still alive too!

    • Oh my! My old “New York Yankee” friend, Grace. It’s a wonderful surprise to see you here! I should have snooped around here sooner, and would had I known I’d see so many old friends! Did you ever get back to New York or have you turned into a “bona fide” “southern” belle now?

  2. What a lovely surprise to see your picture pop up in my email. You look great, and seeing you brings back many memories. Nice. I always enjoyed your blog and would love for you to start it again.

    • Oh Pat, you couldn’t know how many times I’ve pictured you in my mind under the trees in your Las Vegas back yard. The last we visited Vegas (4 or more years ago?) I spent most of the time in the hospital with a stomach virus and forced to miss seeing all the friends I’d planned to meet/visit, so I haven’t been back since. Our snow this season is sporadic (2 big ones so far) so there hasn’t even been the excuse to fly south like snowbirds. When or if we ever do, we’ll have to catch up!

  3. Your looking quite glam these days. Its so good to hear from you. Made your Mom’s fruit cake for xmas. Everyone loved it. Please keep writing, I miss you. sue

    • Thank you Susan! I’m way behind, but have been somewhat distracted by all the hoopla going on in the Capitol. Now I feel compelled to avoid 24/7 breaking news and what better way than picking up my proverbial pen on my trusty old blog?!

  4. Come back again!! We once had a really spirited discussion going here on the life and times of Nance Dude.

    • Oh yes, Nance Dude! I wish she might somehow know that she hasn’t been forgotten. No matter the reasons, even if she was guilty–and we’ll never really know for certain sure–considering what the lives of so many women were like those days I forgave her years ago. That post, by the way, was my most commented on post. Thanks for your thoughts, Anne. Perhaps I WILL be back–at least once in awhile.

  5. Hey Alice I think of you and Pasu often.
    You look great I’m so glad to see you still around you know you go to pick up the phone and you say, I’ll do it tomorrow and tomorrow becomes yesterday!

    • Hi Adrienne. Unfortunately, I still have a kind of “phone phobia” and almost never pick ours up except to answer when no one else is around to do it. We closed our FB account rather suddenly and there was no way to notify anyone about it. (There were strong signs that our account was hacked, and it felt bad enough we just “chucked” it all.) We thought at the time we may re-open it, but after time passed haven’t felt the urge at all. Go figure! Hope you’ve fully recovered from all that stuff you were going through awhile back.

  6. Been waiting to get to know you. Love all your fans that are excited to see you again. Give us a gift…. and share your-very-special self with us. This world needs a place to go where the people are happy and interesting. Looking forward to another “Greeting” Louise

    • I don’t remember if we’ve already met, Louise, but it’s always great to meet new friends. But I see I have a lot to learn about how the newest version of WordPress works–without losing my old stuff I’m now trying to back up in case a software update threatens to lose it all. Looking forward to learning more about you too.

    • Yep, still doing, or at least trying! πŸ˜‰ Haven’t been able to keep up with you and your adorable Tin since pulling out of FB. I’m so glad you popped in. Does this mean you’re still blogging, along with the myriad number of other things that keep you so busy?! Being a mother with grammar school age children keeps you busier still. Yet you remain on top of things!

    • Hello back to you, Colleen! I recently caught up (I think) to your meanderings. I think twice I tried to leave comments but got the feeling they weren’t going through, but also felt rusty in my blog maneuvering skills to find out. It would be lovely to be able to “visit” again like the old days. “Hope to get back to Wintersong soon–dealing with more health issues currently being addressed–and see if Thomas Wolf was maybe wrong and that you can “go home again.” Another of his quotes “make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up,” seems more timely now. Guess it’s time to try that! πŸ™‚

  7. Hello beautiful lady. Your beauty always glows right out of the screen into my computer room. Ever since moving to northern Maine…. and enjoying “Maine, The way life should be” I’ve had all this wonderful time to discover new people and you are almost new to me. Love reading all the comments from those that have been following you for a long long time and wish I was one of them. So so glad we moved from Long Island to the top of Maine,,…. Aroostook County …. it’s a paradise, especially for two retired longer lived ones. Love my reading, knitting, gardening, taking short trip discovering what Maine has to offer…. and it sure has lots of treasures. Love New England……… and the Red Soxs………. but still root for the Yankees…..and Mets….Giants… but also enjoy the Boston Celtics ….. but then there is the Patriots……… and how much fun it is to be enjoying them all. So wish I knew more about you… how you got started….. and all those stories from your past I have missed out on. Welcome to my world Alice….. Please come by often. Louise

    • So nice to see your flattering comments! Not sure I deserve them, but I’ll take’em anyhow. πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure what area of the county you’re in–top of the county suggests Canadian border?–what I remember of Maine from ancient visits there in the 70s (Bar Harbor & Acadia National) is quite favorable and peaceful though I’m sure it must have changed a bit by now. You certainly don’t appear in any way bored and I’m sure you’d be savoring your life no matter where you found yourself settled. I’ve been going through a little slump due to health issues that are being tended to currently, but I hope to resume writing soon. I’d be happy to greet you here again, anytime! Thanks for stopping by.

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