what happened to those 12 gifts after Christmas

Here it is January 6, or the 12th Day of Christmas, the new season of Epiphany observed primarily by Orthodox Greek, Catholic, and Anglican Christians. It marks the revelation of the birth of Jesus to the wider world as embodied in the story of three wise men visiting the newborn Jesus with gifts in the Gospel of Matthew 1:1-12. After today, I don’t expect to revisit Christmas 2013 until after Thanksgiving 2014. And I’m running so late, I almost didn’t get this post done on time!

One more year that I didn’t even get to hear all the Christmas music I’ve collected over the years, and I do have some great ones. (Hubby will be quick to point out when he reads this how I probably have enough time but too big a music collection.) However, I did discover a new song to love, the first new one in awhile–since Mariah Carey came out in 1994 with “All I Want For Christmas (is you).” A couple years before that it was “I Bought You A Plastic Star For Your Aluminum Tree,” so you can see my Christmas music tastes aren’t very traditional, though I do like those too. And I heard this song in the most unlikely place! It was at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas Concert. Deborah Voigt sang a catchy new (to me) tune I’d never heard before. Although the CD of that concert won’t be available until next year, I couldn’t wait to share a version of that song–with a different artist from YouTube–with you this last day of Christmas. It tells me we should really not worry so much about gifts after all. Here’s what happened to those 12 gifts she got during the 12 days of Christmas:

10 thoughts on “what happened to those 12 gifts after Christmas

  1. Oh I didn’t know that the Twelfth Day of Christmas really was now. If I had known that I could have slowed down my holidays more! I loved the entire season from November 1st until now … and now I am contemplating taking down the Christmas tree and it makes me sad. I think we are the only ones for miles around that still have our tree in the window. But I love the season and all it stands for and how nice everyone is, how often we get together with friends and family … for gratitude and love and giving and did I say gratitude?

    I heard that song for the first time about umpteen years ago when my cousins sang it at our family talent show one Christmas. When we lived in Blanding, Utah, I was asked to sing a song at our ward talent show. Well, in the first place I am not a solo singer and the thought scared me to death. But I can do light hearted and funny so I decided to do it as Mother Goose and get my good friend to join me as Mother Nature. We rewrote the 12 Days of Christmas to be the 25 days of December and it was a satire that involved very busy and unorganized mothers. It was a hit and we had to sing it every year for the next four years we lived there. Your post reminded me of all that. Thanks for keeping at it!
    Best regards, Edna Henke

    • Edna, I know you have talent that even you won’t admit to. I’m glad to be privy to it! Did anyone ever film one of these lighthearted performances? I’m sure it was hilarious as you are a funny lady as well as a gifted writer! We didn’t have a tree this year because we were going away for the holidays. I missed it a little, but after Christmas–when I didn’t have a day and a half of cleaning up Christmas stuff, I was so proud of myself. And Christmas came all the same! Busy and especially unorganized mothers should remember that. Take care of yourself.

    • Thanks, Monica. That group is good! And I loved the dogs. One to watch out for next year. πŸ˜€

      On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 8:45 PM, My Wintersong

    • πŸ˜† That Gobnait was such a genetlement! (almost–until day 10 or so)…I’ve got to hand it to you Irish, you sure do know how to tell a funny story, or a story funny! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

      On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 1:32 PM, My Wintersong

  2. As I get deeefer, I live a life without music. Yes, joyful to see you, and wonderful to be reminded that yesterday was the last day of Christmas. I told G that we need to get the wreath off Grumpy’s nose. Christmas is gone away..

    • Confession: we haven’t removed our wreaths yet either. Nor have we taken the lights off our Christmas bush by the driveway. They’re frozen in for one thing, and for another I just like seeing them come on automatically when it gets dark. My neighbors are just as guilty so I’m not letting it bother me! πŸ™‚

      On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:01 PM, My Wintersong

  3. Hi Alice, I enjoyed your blog and the link. I had never heard that song before but it made me think of all the things I have received for past Christmas gifts that I felt like getting rid of later on. For the past few years, people who want to give me something usually send a gift card to a restaurant since I like eating out so much. I have a pleasant outing and am left with nothing to dust or re-gift. I am actually back blogging after being away for 3 years. I hope to keep up with it by posting shorter text and more photos. Let’s keep in touch.

    • Good for you to be back blogging. You sure do seem busy these days. I don’t know if I still have the link, but I’ll check as soon as I can. Definitely we’ll stay in touch. We have a lot of good history together, you and I! πŸ˜€

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