Whatever your spiritual connection, here’s Hubby and me back to wish all of you the very best the holidays can offer. I know I’ve been negligent in posting since summer but I had a bad bout with arthritis in my hands, and instead of sitting at the computer so much, I decided to focus on finger exercises. (I hated them almost as bad as “real” exercise, but the hot/cold baths and hand waxings were great!) Things have improved some, and hopefully I’ll be back with more regularity in 2014 so I can exercise my brain as well. Things do fall apart the older you get, don’t they?



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  1. Merry Christmas, Alice and Company!! I’ve been doing the dratted exercise for arthritis in one thumb, which always makes me cringe when I fasten my seat belt in the car, but doesn’t hurt any other time! Weird!

  2. Many happy returns to you and Hubby! You have been missed.

    I feel your pain with the fingers! We are having stormy weather right now and I notice it is hitting my wrists and ankles. 😦

    May 2014 bring Peace and health to us all!

  3. Happy to see you, Alice. You are certainly right about falling apart. My arthritis is in my knees and hips. I was in NYC last week and the cold and the museum shuffle almost did me in. I’m still nursing my right knee, but the art exhibits were great. And I thought of you every day.
    I hope you and hubby have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

  4. Alice and hubby – Happy Holidays – it’s good to see you and y’all don’t look like you are falling apart. Although I do hear you – I say post 45 it’s downhill on the hardware so hopefully you have done enough to keep the software updated. Love, R

  5. So very nice to see you both. Hope your Christmas was a good one and that New Year’s day is even better. I join you with arthritis and pain. New hip, old hands. Hugs….I have so missed you.

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