We’re in NYC cat/condo sitting for our daughter

We’re in NYC cat/condo sitting for our daughter who is vacationing in Paris. Today we spent the day settling in, food shopping, and planning our week. So far we’ve maneuvered the subway system successfully, thanks to Hubby who’s good at such things. Our friend from Pittsburgh will be joining us Wednesday so we took the subway to find the hotel she’ll be staying in, a couple stops away from us. Also got our bearings around Times Square at Broadway where we’ll be seeing Book of Mormon later in the week. It’ll be my first play on broadway. I’m trying to post this on our iPad and it stinks. I don’t like touch screens! More later, maybe.

10 thoughts on “We’re in NYC cat/condo sitting for our daughter

    • Hello Meryl. I’m glad you stopped by. We’ve been here enough that we knew we would not be bored at all for a week. All the other visits, however, I was always at least 4 or 5 feet behind daughter and Hubby, both of whom are faster walkers than me, so that I never could get my bearings (I maneuver best by landmark–the tattoo parlor on the corner, vs “left on 73rd”) and actually understand where I was going! I think after a week on my own, I’ll be able to get places myself. More on that later. Thanks for commenting.

    • Oh, yes, that shouldn’t be hard to do. If only I had loads of money. Today we’re going to venture back to Manhattan for lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant. SLC isn’t so loaded with ethnic restaurants. And now I have the use of daughter’s laptop so I don’t have to struggle with the iPad (which is Hubby’s not mine, I don’t even have a wireless phone 🙂 ) As I have little else to do here at “home” I can keep my diary of the week here on Wintersong.

  1. Sorry I can’t be there with you. I look forward to your comments on Book of Mormon. I’d love to see it. Three things you might enjoy that are not on the usual tourist rounds: Rubin Museum, 7th Ave and 17th St., Museum of the Native American, Battery Park, http://nmai.si.edu/visit/newyork/, and if you get a cool day, go up on the Highline. It’s a treat, but it can be very hot. Have a great time.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Ruthe. Unfortunately it is HOT and humid too! The Native Indian Museum would be especially interesting I think. Today’s a busy day, hot with promises of gradual cool-down. I’ll have lots to muse about later today IF I’m not too tired to write. Wish you could be here too.

  2. I understand, and I bring a laptop….that I hate typing on. MOMA The Gugenheim….oh the glorious galleries, buildings, yes, the highline, and the glorious historical stuff. You can take a ride around manhattan on a ferry, and no matter what you do, you will have a ball. We all wish we could be with you. 🙂

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