what does a woman want?

What a great question. What would women answer?  They’d be as varied as the woman you talk to at any given moment.

Since 2007 I’ve been nursing my little Wintersong along, trying to figure out what–if anything–I want to accomplish with it. It’s no secret that I’ve been posting less and less these days. Lord knows I’ve probably broken every rule in the blogasphere, beginning with “post often” and “write well.”

Earlier today as I was doing my fat burning workout at the gym, I was hooked into my trusty old I-pod and heard a “little story” under just this title on a Modern Stories podcast and it led to a completely different post than the one that I’d planned. For several days I’ve been half planning to write a completely different piece–in effect “hanging up the keyboard.” What I was having trouble with was deciding whether for good or just for the summer. After I’d thought on it for awhile I decided that I may still not know what this woman wants other than balance in my life, but I sure know what I don’t want. That is to feel trapped in a routine I can’t keep up with. To have figured out what I DON’T want is half the battle I figure.

We’ll be leaving soon for a little rest and recreation in Florida, my old home state. I’m looking forward to showing my “southern estate–all 25 acres of it–to my grandchildren. We’ll also be taking them through Disney world, and I can’t honestly say I’m looking forward to the lines, but it’ll be a great experience for them to remember. We’re lucky to have the opportunity while we can still get around well. Younger daughter (#2) and her significant other will be joining us from NYC to spend a day with the kids at Universal Studios in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Their parents will be having a high old time at a Conference while it’ll take all four of the other of us–grownups–to keep the kids from killing eac safe. It’ll be fun even though I’m sure it will not be a tear- nor line-free day. In the evenings we’ll all be together and I look forward to some of my old haunts–or as many as we can fit in–and lots of seafood and southern cooking–lots of sweetened iced tea and grits cooked like only a southerner knows how to do it–in the evenings.

After we come back, we may do a dash-over to see a new vacation property in Oregon that daughter #1 and her SO recently purchased–just to check it out. Then as fall approaches we’ll be heading off to Italy. The last three days we’ll be concentrating on a vespa tour of Rome featuring a hands-on cooking class experience at a private home. We’re looking forward to eating what we cook.

The summer is barely beginning and I’m already seeing it disappear before me. So little time. All those words just to say what my readers already know. I’ve decided I’m not quite ready to hang up the old keyboard after all, but for the rest of the summer posting will be sporadic as and when I decide there’s something I want to remember. This is a good place to file those memories. I hope I’ll still have a few readers left when I have more time. I hope by then I’ll have a good answer to the question posed. In the meantime, I invite you to share your wants, either here or on your own blogs if you crazy enough to still be doing it.

18 thoughts on “what does a woman want?

  1. This is my first post reading since I “returned” from a several month hiatus due to I’m not quite sure what. Not lack of topics that’s for sure. So glad you are not going to “hang up the keyboard.” Somehow I believe we’re old enough to break the rules if we want and trust that we will still have followers when we return, or make new friends. Anyway — have a great time in Florida. I’m out in tucson visiting my daughter, which presented an occasion for me to sit down and write. And begin catching up with my blog friends.

    • I noticed you hadn’t written since March; was hoping you weren’t ill or otherwise disposed. You’re right, there’s no end to topics and yours are all insightful and thought provoking. It’s nice to be supported in my rule breaking. Thanks.

  2. Been there; done that recently. The bottom line is that I simply can’t quit blogging because I really can’t give up the friends I’ve made here in the blogosphere.
    Y’all have helped me maintain a semblance of sanity in the adventure I call life. Unfortunately, right now my life is somewhat complicated soooo I can’t always post.

    • That’s how I feel, too. Didn’t know perfect strangers could help cheer me during my recent chemo. You (and they) were often there when even old friends seemed to be missing. Funny thing, isn’t it? The only pressure I have is that I put on myself, I only have to remind myself of that!

  3. Yes, sporadic will do very well. You are having some wonderful upcoming adventures, and don’t feel pressured to share. Please don’t hang up your keyboard, just stop in when you can. Go have fun. 🙂

    • In between Doc appts, dental adjustments, etc. you mean? Of course I will. I’ll be visiting my favs too. I read faster than I write!

  4. Alice – everyone needs to take a break whenever they want – or not – the worst thing your posting could be is a “should” instead of a “want” – enjoy your summer, that’s what I’m doing or trying to do :).

    • I’m sure hoping to. Trouble is I bite off way more than I can chew in terms of projects started that never seem to get finished. I’m just a terrible planner! You’re in a beautiful place this summer. I think it must be great to live in a different place for awhile…gives you a new perspective. Hugs to Tin!

  5. I was in the doldrums about a month back, my trip to Dublin for ten days seems to have cured it and I am back in the routine once more. I would miss the meet-ups with other bloggers if I quit, they are now part of my life and blogging family!

    • I suspect you’re right, Gmar! I feel the same way; I know I’ll be thrilled to share my “back home” adventures from Florida when we get back. 😀

  6. Take as many breaks as you like. But then come back and tell us how wonderful your time away was!
    I would miss your traveling adventures!

  7. Deja vu, Alice. I recall your having the same feelings before. Unshackle yourself from the keyboard, get your tooth capped, have a great time on your adventures, and come home and share everything with your cyber audience. I’ll be tuning in.

  8. Hi Alice. Yes, all photographs on my site are mine unless I say so. I had so much fun at Comic Con this year, and I have 300 more I haven’t even looked at yet. Maybe some of those are good too. 🙂

  9. Thanks for stopping by with such great support & I wanted to wish you a truly great and memorable visit to Florida!!!

    • Hi Ruth! Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for such a long spell. We just got back from Italy on Monday and I’ve been trying to get caught up enough to check emails and Wintersong as I haven’t been online for weeks now. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they say the ugly makes a better story. It does in retrospect. I got sick with some stomach thing the day we left Italy. Couldn’t eat or sleep and have never tried to fly in such a horrible condition in my life, packed into American Airlines steerage class with a plane full of compassionless flight attendants. I’m through with American Airlines forever! Landing in NYC to spend a day or two with daughter in Queens provided me with a new story about hospitals in America, though, as I landed in the emergency room at the one in Queens. Boy, is there ever a difference in urban hospitals compared with big university ones like I’m accustomed to here. I have a new respect for doctors who do their residence in those urban areas. Dr. Chowdrury is my new hero. I’ll be back online soon. As you can see I have lots of stories–good, bad, and ugly–to tell! Thanks for asking.

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