weekend wrap session

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks around here. Hubby and I have almost finished a very challenging Christmas project for the family that at times became overwhelming. It feels good to see the results finally emerging. Now I can begin tomorrow to get caught up with housework, laundry, cooking and other nonsensical things of that sort.

It’s also been a very expensive month, Christmas gifts notwithstanding–haven’t even started shopping! First the music system we purchased more than 25 years ago blew up. No CD player meant no seasonal music this year, and that was serious as I’m a little superstitious about playing Christmas songs even a single day before the day after Thanksgiving. We just had to have Christmas music, right? By the 25th, I’ll be so saturated I’ll gladly give Bing and Frank, and all my favorite Jazz and Blues artists–(yes there are bluezy Christmas songs)–a whole year to rest up. Then, after the idea for a special family project came up, Hubby finally broke down and purchased Microsoft Word 2010 so I’d have the latest desktop publishing system available. The pressure was on! No half-a**ing allowed! Then came the inevitable headaches! It took several days for me to remember how to do things I used to think I could do in my sleep. They’d improved Word so much that I kept losing my files. I’m sure I re-started–from the beginning–at least four times, and that after two or three practice sessions.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve been struggling in between to keep up with my “wellness after chemo” physical program at the Huntsman. Twice a week I’ve been doing hard one-hour workouts with a physical trainer. Then I’m trying to do  four days a week of cardiovascular workouts of 30 minutes workout with my heart rate between 120/130. For a long time I’d nearly kill myself and barely make 119. I was ready to give up until Monday last week. Than all of a sudden my heart monitor began to climb to 129 and upward. One day I even had to slow down because I was pushing 139!

During rest periods, I’ve been keeping my ear tuned to world news. Boy is that a mistake. Every day things seem more bleak than the day before. Just as I begin to think it can’t get any worse, it does! But tonight, with the help of the video below, I’ve finally found the answer–for me anyhow–so things are definitely looking up! If you’re fed up with the election, world economy, and Republican presidential antics, do yourself a favor and check out what Rashida Jones and Natalie Portman have to say–in less than a minute. I think you’ll feel better too.

7 thoughts on “weekend wrap session

  1. Oh mercy! I wrote such a beautiful reply … and lost it because I hadn’t filled out the blanks.
    Hmm … I think I told you how I loved Christmas music so much I started slowly in November and then in January I slowly weaned myself from it … only because everyone else was sick of hearing it.
    Then I talked about the fact that I have so much to do before Christmas this year … which isn’t really a lot but for me it’s a lot because it takes me so much longer now. Life has definitely moved me to the slow lane … but I find it’s not so bad there. The people I am surrounded by have adjusted to my new style and everyone is still happy.
    I did mention the fact that I am dying to know what your big project has been. I just finished a huge project which for me was challenging. I made a photo book of last year with the family. The hard part was cutting the amount of pictures down to about a hundred from three hundred. I had it published at Shutterfly … the books came this week … and can you guess? I couldn’t wait until Christmas and gave them all out already.
    Forgive me for chatting away … I should have just sent an email. I did enjoy your post!
    Oh … the first thing I had told you was that I could see no way to connect to your link.

  2. Gotta have Christmas music!!!!

    I’m burnt out on politics, too, but am hanging tough because our country is at stake.

    Glad you’re taking care of yourself — I need to take lessons from you!!!!

    Would that puppies could cure everything — my landlord won’t let me have one. Still Jeff’s Shaughnessy and D.O.G. across the street visit.

  3. You are a busy lady right now Far better than listening to the news. It is no fun no matter where in the world we live. I think all politics & politicians should be sent to the moon and let us begin all over again!

  4. I’m upgrading to Microsoft 2010 after the new year – gearing up for it now. I love your choice in Christmas music as that is totally mine as well. I’ve created a Christmas Swing station on Pandora and starting December 1st, I crank it up. Even at work – of course I wear earphones.

    Congrats on the exercise regime. I can’t wait until I can breathe.

    Hugs, Renae

  5. No puppies. I think I am grinchish about puppies.

    You have a new bar that appears at the bottom of your blog insisting I join /follow insistently and jumping up and down and Uggg….

    So what’s the big project? Yes too, the new laptop has Word 2010….grrrr,.,,,,,more grinchish from here. 🙂

  6. alice – first, I cannot live without Christmas music. The other day in school I was asking if they did anything for the other holidays as I was raised Jewish and now I get the definite impression everyone thinks I’m anti Christmas – which I’m not – I’m anti excessive gift giving – meanwhile the puppies are a startling reality for me because as you might know puppies grow up to be doggies and our house is looking more like a kennel from all our saving graces. I remember my uncle walking into my house and saying it had gone to the dogs. And I didn’t see what he saw at that time – I spend my days making sure the dogs are walked, cleaning up after the fur they shed, fixing the items they break, buying more bread after they steal what is on the counter, cleaning the windows that they slime as they bark at everything that goes by and frankly – puppies? Oh lord that makes my stomach clench!


  7. Dear Alice. It’s now the 21st, and I just wanted to tell you congratulations on being one of Ronnie’s featured bloggers. She made a good choice. So did you get music? 🙂

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