baby ducks “quack me up” – how about you?

How’s the weather treating you where you live? There are signs of spring here in my neighborhood–people are out walking, trees budding and blooming–the daffodils and hibiscus really putting on a show. In one day’s time we’ve gone from  rain, hail, snow–one or the other every single day–to pretty close to perfect this week. I complained loudly just as most people around me were doing, because we knew that much of the country was faring far worse! So I’m giving in. Rather than continuing my India travelogue today, I’ll be outside enjoying the sunshine while I get my flower beds cleaned up and ready for planting, while I try to resist the temptation to plant too early. You just can’t trust Mother Nature this time of year!

Another sign of spring are the number of videos that feature baby ducks are cropping up. If you think you’ve had weather-related problems, consider the plight of this mother duck as she leads her troop to water during a heavy wind. An adult duck typically weighs between 8 and 11 pounds, so their babies probably weigh mere ounces.

I’m throwing in this one just because I adore watching babies learn about the world. These little ducklings would like to learn to yo yo.

You can watch them both in just 68 seconds, but I’ll bet they’ll make you smile inside all day. Here’s wishing all of you a sunshiny day.

9 thoughts on “baby ducks “quack me up” – how about you?

  1. Enjoy your time in the garden. We had wonderful weather in March & April, it has now broken and we are back to wet and windy and I gave in and put on the heat today.

    • Your weather sounds as predictable as ours this time of year: unpredictable at best! We’re entering the air conditioner and fans on one day, wish we could turn off the heater tomorrow. Soon it’ll be so hot we’ll only want to sit under the fan and drink iced tea! My my, how I complain! 🙄

  2. Oh, those are wonderful….the penquins too. Gardening. Have you been up by the temple. My inlaws have sent glorious pictures of flowers growing everywhere. I know yours will be even better.

    • I haven’t been by the temple yet. But they do a splendid garden every year, and no I’m sorry mine is never as good. Living here backed up by the mountains, weeds and I are in a constant war, and the weeds win every time! Right now, I should be out digging out spurge–which is sorta pretty and covers a lot of hillsides but it propagates not only from a formidable root systems but by seeds as well. It can choke everything else out. Hubby informs me I can only take care of the terraced area roses and perennials this year! Trouble is, his and my tolerance for unkempt gardens differ quite a lot.

  3. Weather in my neck of the woods (Melbourne, Australia) has suddenly turned cold. The radio told me it was 6° (43 F) at 7 AM today. Yesterday I cleaned the filter for the central heating in anticipation. I like to see if I can get to the 1st of June before I have to crank it up. Last evening I turned it on.

    • Poor you, Peter, facing winter now just as we (still) hold out hope we’re going to have (real) summer soon. Forty-three I can live with, but prefer not to when–like we’ve done this year with an interrupted month of our winter in India–jerked back into winter when it should be getting warmer, and you blood has thinned already. Brrrrrrrrr! Give me 80 (F) and then keep it there is my weather mantra (!). Don’t you think that would be a good idea? 💡

      • 7 (43) is the minimum. Fortunately, it gets up to around 17 (63) during the day. Not what we’re been used to these last 6 months, but bearable.

  4. And you were right. They did may me laugh! I wonder if the wind-blown duckies were screaming in fright or giggling with delight! =D

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