Time to drink margaritas even if it is cold and snowy out there

Hello all:

It is me Hubby again.  I would like to invite you all to make yourself a margarita (other drinks would do if you are not at a bar and or if you do not have the proper ingredients) and have a blast in honor of Alice.  We met with her oncologist yesterday to talk about her latest PET/CT scans taken last Thursday (Feb 16).  As we (I) expected the results were good with the scans showing no evidence of disease.  Thank God there is that NED again. We had already found out the result of her mammogram taken last week and the everything was normal.  So, it is time to drink margarita(s) again.
So, last night we called our daughter #1 and suggested that I bring over a pitcher of margarita to their house to celebrate the good results and that is what we did.  Clearly this time it was not as dramatic as the scan from six months ago and so we do not have any photos to share with you but it felt good all the same.  As far as I was concerned, it was one of the best margaritas I had drunk in the last six months.  Son-in-law thought so as well but mostly because anytime it is delivered to your house free of charge it is a great margarita.
Now that Alice has been released to go about her daily life, I think that I can put some pressure on her- no more excuses for not getting her India trip photos organized and posts written and be back to doing things she likes to do.  I also have another Project for her to get going.  This idea came originally from our friend ML who went along with us to India.  While we were idling our time sitting around the pool in the Backwater Resort in Kerala, she casually suggested that Alice should look into her family history and find places in Ireland and Scotland where her ancestors may have lived and go visit those places.  Now, I have always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland (I spent a few days in Edinburgh and that is all) and so I think that this is an excellent idea.  As September/October time frame would be excellent weather-wise, I need all of you to help me get Alice moving.  Part of her geneology work is already done by her brother in Florida, and we have a great source for researching family history here in Salt Lake City at the Mormon Church.  So there really is no excuse.  Please help me get Alice off her …..  But First, she needs to do her India pictures and blog post.

Life is good.


25 thoughts on “Time to drink margaritas even if it is cold and snowy out there

    • Yes, I am all for that, but I also want to go to Ireland and Scotland. I wonder if they will get offended in Scotland if I ordered margarita instead of scotch.


  1. I am carefully clinking my glass in honour of Alice and Hubby. Happy Celebrations to both of you!

    Now hurry up Alice and stop slacking, Ireland awaits!!

  2. I am celebrating with you. But I want to see the pictures and read the stories. Then I can go to Ireland and Scotland with you.

    There is a website called Geni. I casually entered about 20 names several years ago. For a long time nothing happened. Then one day, out of the blue, I got an email from someone in LA claiming to be a relative. He was, and now I seem to have several thousand relatives on my family tree. Unfortunately, none of them go back very far. I can only trace to my great grandfather on one side, and great, great on the other. But it’s kind of fun looking at all those names.

  3. Nothing like anything that ends with Life is Good – I will make sure to have a margarita for both of you tonight and in the meantime, is there any reason not to go to Ireland and Scotland? I don’t think so. Mazel Tov!

    • There really are no specific reasons that would keep us from going to those places, but I would like to use Alice’s ancestry as a compelling reason or excuse to make the trip. It will also help us map out the places to visit in addition to other touristy stuff. I am also thinking that she should look at secondary connections to ancestors in Australia and New Zealand so I will have good reasons to go there. It will be great if Tahiti is also included but her skin coloring does not make it very likely. For now, I will be satisfied with planning for Ireland and Scotland.


  4. Nah!!!! Let her absorb the good news and revel in it for a bit!! It’s been a long and rocky road an extended celebration is merited punctuated with margaritas — and as a survivor of a life-threatening illness, I think I’m qualified to to prescribe. Knowing Alice, I think she will find her way to these projects when she’s ready. And when she’s ready, she’ll go into what I call full-tilt boogie mode and drive you crazy because she’s too immersed in her work. Just my take.

    • Well, I should have known that most of you except for Grannymar will stick up for her!!! Thank you Grannymar for supporting me. I am already dreaming about our stay at various B&Bs in Scotland and Ireland and driving around there on the wrong side of the road.

      I hope you are right about Alice going full titlt sometime in the near future, but she needs a nudge now and then. Let us see.


  5. Okay okay! I’ve put another batch of pictures on Flickr if you notice the Flicker link. I am trying. The biggest problem viewing the pictures (about 36) is that you see them in reverse order. In the meantime I’m trying to learn how to present a slide show in a sidebar widget. That’ll make it appear in order (I think). Back asap with the notes that go with them.

  6. What SUPER news! Way to go, Alice! I imagine those drinks were extra good because of the news you were celebrating.
    I totally agree………GET moving, Alice! Plan a trip to Ireland and Scotland for the fall. Start doing your research and just think of all the family history you might uncover while you’re there! Look forward to the photos and commentary on India.

    • But Terri, what if I should turn up a rogue in my Irish woodpile doing my genealogy? Do I really want to know? (Might be fun to know that, actually.)

  7. This teetotaller is enthusiastically tipping my cup of darjeeling in celebration of alice’s Life is Good report!

    • Teetotaller drinks appreciated too! I’ll take a Shirley Temple any day anywhere; in fact, I’ll take the margarita sans the tequila and be quite happy with my limeade! (Normally I’m a teetotaler too for medical reasons, but I do enjoy a few glasses of wine a year and these margarita celebrations! Oh, and Peru’s pisco sours. Cheers!

  8. That is great news! I’m so happy for both of you. It sounds like Alice has her work cut out for her but I’m sure she’ll get it done. I have links to Scotland and have often thought how I’d love to roam the hills and vales I’ve seen through books and movies. I think I have an old romantic vision of it over there and would find it a little disappointing to see it with towering buildings and freeways.

    • Not according to Hubby, GrandmaHenke! He’s been to Scotland and says it’s really beautiful. Can’t understand the “English” though. 🙂

  9. You should go to Scotland. It is beautiful and dreamy and wonderful. But, I should warn you, you will not be impressed with the margaritas.

    • Thanks! Maybe we will…there are a few Scots in my ancestral lineup too I believe. But as far as I know I have no ties with Spain, and I want to go there too! I’d like to see everywhere before I die, but alas I would have to be a genie who travels with a nod of the head to do it.

  10. I haven’t been to Scotland, but I will agree with Sylvia that you wouldn’t want a margarita there.

    On the other hand, Ben and I might be able to go there with you guys or meet up. We had initially planed to go on a trip elsewhere around the same time, but maybe we will rethink it.

    • Vim and Ben: We would love to have you guys go with us. My vision for this trip is to get a B&B in some of those villages tied to mom’s ancestors and spend a day or two at each place. I would like to spend days in both Ireland and Scotland and hopefully we will have enough days together. It will be a blast.


  11. Now that my computer is functional, I can congratulate you on NED, one swell guy. While there are many reasons to enjoy a snort or two, this has got to be the best. You will be immersed in your search for ancestors…it’s a fascinating journey.

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