we’re back …

Bodily, we’re back in town. Home. One of the sweetest and most under-appreciated words. Mentally, we’re still mired in jet-lag. Does it really take longer to get over it the older you are ? I think– maybe so. I’ve downloaded the photos onto my computer’s hard drive. There weren’t quite 2000, but probably close; some of them are surprisingly nice and I can hardly wait to get them up to share on Flickr. Hopefully, the first batch will go in later today.

First things being first, however, a long succession of medical checkups begin today, the first being the dermatologist, tomorrow the mammogram, full-body scan later in the week, oncologist next week and a return to the rheumatologist (did you know that spell check doesn’t recognize that word?!) in a couple of weeks. So you can see that returning to all the old problems is a mixed blessing. A necessary thing, however, seeing as how my whole health saga began almost exactly a year ago with that mammogram that revealed the lump that revealed the lymphoma that led to the chemo, the radiation, the year of mental and physical exposure I hope none of my readers ever have to experience!

A quick recap of our return: After leaving Mumbai around 9 p.m. Friday night (Mumbai time) for Delhi, we had about an hour’s delay there that set our departure after midnight. After flying about 15 mostly sleepless, other than head-bobbing drools and snorts here and there, watching four in-flight movies (The Town w/Ben Affleck, Wall Street w/Michael Douglas, The Switch w/Jennifer Aniston, and the most remarkable one of all–Vampires Suck w/no one you’d recognize–a hilarious spoof of the Vampire movies, we landed at JFK in NYC at 6:36 a.m.

We were finally allowed–no, more accurately we were finally TOLD–to get the hell off the plane after an hour! most of which were spend in wondering what the? And why is no one telling us anything. That’s what happens apparently when a passenger expires during a flight on Air India. Not many hours after takeoff, a passenger became ill and a doctor requested. With a plane full of Indian nationals and ex-pats, naturally there was one aboard, who responded to the emergency. After a very long time he returned to his seat at the front of our cabin and we assumed all was well.

I remember asking Hubby what happened if a passenger actually died in flight? The pilot would make an emergency landing he said, just as I expected.  I was so hoping for my own selfish reasons that didn’t happen because I could hardly bear to think about having to land somewhere in an emergency, some place like Kyrgyzstan or Uzejustab. I mean there is a limit to the number of in-flight movies I can tolerate! But apparent airline protocol requires that when a passenger dies in air, no one is allowed to leave the plane until all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted on the official documents required. Finally, after the CSI NYC team members and the nine or ten NY policemen and the swat team were satisfied that the death was natural and there had not been a murder aboard AirIndia Flight 101 Delhi-NYC, we were finally allowed to disembark.

I doubt it took us more than five minutes!

Hubby and I took a taxi to Queens to camp out at our daughter’s place overnight and rest a bit before taking a mid-morning Southwest Airlines flight back to SLC through Chicago on Sunday. You can imagine we were two tired puppies when we got home near suppertime.

Which leads to this mea culpa of sorts when I indicated in my last post from Nagpur when I bragged how well Hubby’s family was treating me and indicated how my own family back home should treat me so well… I was KIDDING! Trying to begin a little what I think of as “healthy competition” between my Indian family, my Florida family, and my own offspring, to see who could do the most nice things for me! Well, I thought it might work. Our SLC daughter (and neighbor) not only picked us up at the airport and helped transfer our (heavy) luggage back home, she even prepared and invited us to supper! Family-wise, I’d say I’m doing A-OKAY!

I’ll be back as soon as I can with more stories of our adventures in India. It’ll be nice to get back to (sort of) normal, even if it does include needles and scans and doctors!


11 thoughts on “we’re back …

  1. I was JUST thinking of you yesterday! Seemed it had been awhile since a blog update and I got to wondering when you were due home. Glad to hear you’re back safe and sound………..despite the death on the flight! Makes for an interesting story. For you……..not the passenger that died.
    Enjoy being back home, relax and I look forward to your photos and updates.

  2. Welcome home! Your trip home sounds exhausting, as do all of your medical appointments. I look forward to those pictures!

  3. You don’t sound one bit exhausted :)!

    Enjoy unpacking and going through all your photos. Such fun! Well, maybe not the unpacking.

    Fingers crossed for great reports at all appointments.

  4. Glad to learn that you both arrived in one piece at salt lc after experiencing the salt waters of Kerala lagoons. Congratulations, Alice and thanks to God that you did not suffer any major ailment while in India. Saw the photos I dont know whether my eyes would take in all the 2000 shots you had tken with your fine cannon. Best wishes to both of you from both of us.
    Nagarajan and Sarada

  5. Oh goodness. A delay you didn’t need, but welcome home. We are all so glad to see you. What an adventure. Now you have a weekend off from needles and crushes….except for the hugs.

  6. I have been busier than usual with crazy work and stuff that I haven’t been a reader of blogs for weeks. I didn’t even realize you were back until I saw your comment. I plan to curl up with my laptop tomorrow and travel India with Alice!

    Welcome HOME and SO happy you are doing so well!

    With affection,

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