still going strong…but limpy

Today we’re in Nagpur for a short visit to Nagpur which is located approximately in the middle of the country I’m told. Hubby lived here in his youth and had hoped to show me the old building he lived in. He was naturally disappointed to learn the street was razed and now showcases a shopping mall. Shopping is a past-time for us all it seems.

Speaking of shopping, we stopped at a jewelry store on the drive to Trivandrum where I last posted successfully, and our friend (ML), s-i-l Vasanti and I all bought gold earrings which are the most expensive I’ve ever owned and, unlike jewelry in the U.S., gold jewelry in India is 22 carats. I’ve also acquired a new blouse (Kurta) and goodies for the grandchildren. Along with all the gifts family presses us to bring to the family in the U.S., we’ve debated whether we need to purchase a new suitcase as well. Decision still pending, depending on what we do within the next 10 days before departure.

Yesterday I tried 3 times to post from Mumbai and 3 times the server failed me. It was only in desperation I wrote the cryptic line saying I give up. Today though, like Molly Brown again, I declare “I ain’t down yet,” although my leg (the one I fell on into the ditch) aches more and I may yet have to get an x-ray done. I hope not.

There are still lots of adventures ahead. Family here is incredibly generous and helpful–all planning and plotting for our pleasure. I should be treated so well by my own family!  🙂

That’s all for now. It’s wonderful to have a computer and a server that seems to be serving me well, thanks to Dr. Nagarajan.

8 thoughts on “still going strong…but limpy

  1. I guess you know what a cold spell you are missing at home! It sounds like your trip is going well. Glad you didn’t give up on the Internet!

  2. I was thinking about you in internet cafes in India and while one part of me wondered why you would go through the bother given the challenges you were faced with to just a keyboard, I knew that the desire to write about the train ride and the rest was overpowering the instinct to give up trying. So hi there Alice – we are all here waiting for photos and tales to come. Hope your injury turns out to be minor.

  3. Bravo for persistence. I’m afraid I would have given up on the posting. Here’s hoping pain from ditch encounter goes away and rest of trip includes only healthy, fun events!

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