new day, new try, still can’t type anything other than title. language problem apparently. doing fine. try again in Mumbai maybe Tuesday! Oy vay!

Well knock me over with a feather! After that title, I’m finally here!

My adventures of the past few days include falling into a 2-foot drainage ditch in Goa that gave me a humongous black and blue and purple oval on my hip. But no broken bones, no broken glasses, and I’m not much worse for the wear.

Had a trainride from hell, seriously bad and I can’t wait to tell you more about it, for 16 hours on Tuesday–it was so bad we cancelled the other 3 train journeys (overnights) that we had booked and changed itinerary as well. Suffice it to say my friend ML was spot on by referring to our “train digs” as a Turkish prison cell. Can you wait for the photos?!!!

I’ve taken more than 2000 pictures I think, no where near done. You’ll love seeing some of the signs especiaslly. Gotta run now, as there’s only one computer between us. Dinner in a few hours, bed and repacking ’cause we’re leaving in the morning for a city with a name I can’t pronounce, then on to Mumbai Monday afternoon. Will try to post more reasonably there if Nephew’s computer and electricity can be relied on.

More later.

9 thoughts on “new day, new try, still can’t type anything other than title. language problem apparently. doing fine. try again in Mumbai maybe Tuesday! Oy vay!

  1. Glad you were able to post something. I had that kind of frustration in China, so I fully understand. Please take care of yourself. Falling into a drainage ditch sounds dreadful. You are supposed to be having a good time; no accidents.

  2. Hope there wasn’t anything too aweful in the drainage ditch. Please take care. Can’t wait for the pics and the rest of the train ride story. How does ML know what a Turkish Prison cell is like> love sue

  3. Well, I know you are up to date on your shots. Thanks for taking the time to struggle with the computers and internet to get here. I can hardly wait for the pictures. So sorry you had to change everything. Lots of hugs from here.

  4. So good to know that you are having an adventure filled trip!
    Just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much I love and miss you both.

  5. OH, no……..sounds like a series of minor nightmares! Gee, and I just LOVE trains, so was really looking forward to hearing how nice it was. I guess not……lol So now looking forward to hearing all about it, along with all those photos!
    Mumbai……..I’ve always wanted to see/know about this city. Just the name even sounds exotic!
    Have fun and DO be careful! Thanks for the updates!

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