almost paradise, goa

Here I am in Goa on the western coast of India on the Arabian Sea. I keep telling myself I’m not in the Caribbean, I am in INdia. It’s so different from Delhi. Our hotel in Delhi was very noisy and I was unable to sleep very long or  very well, but here it is quiet and cool with A/C. Our accommodations are very upscale and I’m enjoying it very much.

On previous trips I never ate meat of any kind. This time I’ve sampled chicken, mutton, fish, bacon (cooked with onions for breakfast) and enormous tiger prawns. Delicious, and no ill effects at all. I’m really enjoying the variety, and I even have freshly prepared omelets at breakfast. Eating is a great pasttime here as is having chai and kaapi breaks. I have had to get used to late dining hours though.

Tomorrow we take an early train from here to Cochin where we’ll stay for a short while, then on to the backwaters 2-night boat ride, which should be very relaxing.

We may have to buy a suitcase if people keep buying things for us, and the salespeople on the street keep selling us things.

My health has improved greatly, the tummy pain (shingles) almost gone and the sores are now slowly disappearing. No diet problems either, so all is well.

Internet service is available, but slow, but i’ll try to update again soon. Our friend is also doing extremely well…she’s a seasoned traveler and a real trooper.

Hope all is well with U.S. and all of you.

8 thoughts on “almost paradise, goa

  1. This stop sounds SO lovely and just what the doctor may have ordered to soothe your shingles – YaY! Thanks for checking in as often as you can so we can share the adventure!!! Can’t wait for pix! Best wishes, Renae

  2. Sounds so really delightful. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures… know me your visual friend. Glad the tummy is working with the foods, and the shingles and fading away. This is sooooooooo exciting.

  3. Oh, I really enjoyed reading this, Alice! Food sounds really good and Goa sounded very nice. 2 night boat ride…..I bet that will be great! I’m SO glad you’re feeling better. I can hear it in your words, so that’s super and I can tell you’re having a great time, which I had hoped for. So keep having fun! Update us when time/internet permits. I’m going to have to go look on my globe and see where these places are because except for Delhi, they truly sound very foreign to me, but as you know my knowledge of India has never been extensive. That’s why I love reading recent Indian novels. Take care and say hi to Hubby from me and Ray.

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