here at last

I’m doing fine, shingles bedamned! Had a wonderful day exploring Connaught Circle and haggling for rugs with vendors, complimentary teas, all-meat lunch and pigging out generally. This was all capped off by a sneaky shopping foray into a bridal store next door and asking for permission to take photos of all the fancy sarees. You wouldn’t believe so many jewels? Fake? Real. Only the shadow knows….

Finally got the nerve to ask the young girl trying on sarees for her March wedding and she said yes, shy and demurely. Made our day. Will post pictures when we’re back in SLC.

Have only a few moments, literraly–foprgive typos. Bye til next time.

9 thoughts on “here at last

  1. Great to hear you are overcoming your shingles Alice – I was thinking about you as I was reading about birding in India – I’m so green with envy that you are there and so happy for you at the same time. The saris – oh my god – I can only imagine the color orgy of all those saris!!!

  2. Wedding Sarees/ At this age? Designs change every fortnight. In India there is only one marriage in one’s entre life. The marriage saree bought at the age of 18, pink saree conjeevaram silk should be kept safe for life. Nagarajan

  3. SO happy to hear you arrived safely and sounds like you’re having a great time! Super! Dying to see those photos. Bet those sarees are really something!
    Continue having fun and thanks for the update!

  4. I’m just so jazzed to see you and pleased as punch you made it ok. Shingles be darned….You are my heroine. Get rug pictures please as well as sari pictures. LOL

  5. It’s good to hear from you! It sounds like you are having a great time and I can hardly wait for the pictures either!! Keep having fun and be safe!

  6. your post is whetting our appetites for more details and photos photos photos! Thanks for taking time to paint such vibrant word pictures of your experiences and updating with good news about the shingles!

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