i ain’t down yet

Greetings from NYC! It’s hard to believe we’re actually here as I think back on the crazy days of last week. Sparing you the details, I’ll just say the “tummy ache” turned out to be something else. When I presented myself in desperation to my rheumatologist (without an appointment), Hubby and I were convinced my ailment was due to an allergy to one of the meds used in the RA treatment begun at the end of November. The doctor took one look at the rash that finally showed up last weekend and announced “shingles.”

So here we are, loaded with prescription drugs for the pain, anti-virals, etc., sitting in my daughter’s condo in Queens, waiting to rendezvous later today with our friend from Pittsburgh who will join us on the first leg ofour trip to India  when her flight arrives from Pittsburgh. We leave tomorrow.

There was a point–I think it was when I had my first (& last) poor me it ain’t fair meltdown Hubby said would you feel better if we don’t go? There were so many reasons it would have made sense to do so, but there were other more compelling ones to continue. Other people would be affected, some for the second time, New York’s weather was threatening enough that some flights from SLC were canceled. It seemed the Universe was against us going. The truth was I’d feel worse if we didn’t go. And that’s how I made the decision not to back down.

Then came the diagnosis, the meds, and–if not a cure–the pain meds that cost a fortune (insurance problems) but work, a reasonable amount of sleep for the first time since New Year’s night, and here we are. It’s cold and windy here so going out has to be planned because it’s too cold to get lost and wander around. But after the week I had, nothing else seems all that hard to manage. If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger has even more meaning for me now.

Yesterday afternoon we spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I saw exhibits I’d never taken the time for before, had a coffee and brioche in one of the museum coffee shops, and bought a new calendar for less than five dollars. Life is good. As far as the “tummy ache” and the RA flare, the meds for both seem to be taking effect, and I’m ready to go to India.

With Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of the Titanic, as my inspiration I ain’t down yet! And I hope to have a lot of stories to tell and pictures to share. Our daughters gave us a brand new digital camera to replace our ten-or-more-year-old one, so if I can remember how to maneuver it, I should get even better shots at greater distances. As and when we have internet access, I hope to visit my blogging friends in journey and maybe a few remarks now and then. Back soon. Everyone take care.



10 thoughts on “i ain’t down yet

  1. That’s the fighting spirit Alice! I’m so looking forward to traveling to India vicariously through you – I will make a copy to save for my trip when I go and think about you now and then. Have a fabulous time – savor India piece by piece if that is even possible – and smooth, fun, exciting travels till you return.

  2. Oh, Alice! You poor thing! ENOUGH already, huh? Shingles! Not pleasant at all, but the anti-viral meds are supposed to help.
    I’m SO glad to hear you decided to go! Good for you! But gee, with the snow in NY I wish the weather was better for you. The visit to the Museum sounded great though. So now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Wishing all of it to be great for both of you! Looking forward to updates and photos as your time permits.

  3. Wow you are a spunky gal. Having shingles on top of it all sounds pretty miserable. Glad you are feeling better with the meds and I hope your trip turns out to be all fun and no more sickness.

  4. Shingles! Glad your pain meds are working. Hats off to one adventurous lady, or maybe make that adventurous couple!

  5. Welcome to India, Brave lady. What is the special thing that you would like to have in Nagpur? Can you ‘digest’ sweets?
    Sarathi Nagarajan

  6. So very sorry about the Shingles. Glad you made the decision to go. You will appreciate it after the shingles wear off. Hugs to both of you, and I’ll be here waiting on every word. You just take care.

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