Having a Wonderful Christmastime

It really has been a wonderful Christmastime this year, and I’m not even thinking of Christmas presents. Funny how they don’t matter so much anymore. I hate hearing Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” because the lyrics always get stuck in my head and I HATE that! The fact I haven’t heard it even once this year so far adds to the pleasure for me, but at the same time I can’t think of a better lyric to sum up my feelings about the holiday this year, so I’m jotting them down here to remind myself and my readers: whatever I’ve gone through this year has been perfectly balanced by what I’ve gained in perspective as a result of it all.

The moon is right
The spirits up
We’re here tonight
And that’s enough
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

Hubby joins me in wishing all of you
a simply wonderful Christmastime and the happiest of new years, too!


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  1. LOOK AT THAT HAIR! You both look beautiful and while you enjoy your white Christmas there, we’ll be here in our tee shirt enjoying ours. 2011 promises to be a banner year of good things to come. India! Hopefully for us Spain again! And the every day moments that are too numerous to write down. Lots of love to you and Hubby and your girls and their hubbies and dogs and kids, and your extended family near and far. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

    • With the arrival or our NYC daughter and grandkids out of school, we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to visit other blogs, so I’m happy to know your two Ts are (presumably) back home with you again. Yes, I was telling my daughter how well traveled Tin already is and he’s not even two years old! I hope I’m around to see how accomplished he becomes…loved hearing from you!

  2. Great words and great thoughts! And what a year you’ve had. But the best is that you gained a lot from it and isn’t that the essence of life after all………..so continue to enjoy!
    Wishing you and hubby a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and productive 2011!
    (PS: That novel I mentioned to you is so good! Only have 10 pg. left and hate for it to end!)

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Terri! I like to think we can learn–and indeed learn something positive–from all our experiences. I’d planned to take your latest published one to India to read enroute but I found myself with a few extra minutes, and started it two days ago. I’m hooked already, and look forward to finishing after the holidays when things settle down a bit, maybe during RA infusion No. 2 coming up soon. I can see how you keep growing in your writing, and indeed you do make it look so easy. I’ll have to go back and review the one you’re referring to here. Stay happy and healthy and busy…and produce a lot of books next year! (As if I have to encourage you to do that!) 🙂

  3. Back at ya with the very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. You are a beautiful couple and I love you madly!!!!! And yeah, you have earned a wonderful holiday after a tough year!!!

    Blessings on both of you and those who you love you back.

    • Gee thanks, Kay! I always did say Ohio had some premium people in it. I’m glad to have added you as one more Ohio friend! I’ve been remiss in my blog reading this week so I’m not sure what you’re planning for tomorrow, but what I most wish for you is the peace of mind that comes from knowing yourself and what’s important to you. I believe that’s the best thing women can do for themselves.

        • If you get a chance, go see TRUE GRIT! I think you’ll like it; I sure did! Oscar material, that!

  4. Thank you Alice and Hubby for your good wishes. May the days and years ahead be a time of great joy for you both. Happy Christmas, New year and have a wonderful adventure in India!

    • Grannymar, I’m so glad you haven’t frozen! We’ve been brrrrrrrrrr watching spots of the weather in Europe and thinking of you a great deal, hoping you didn’t lose electrical power. I’ll be around to say hello after the holidays have begun to settle down! It’ll be about time for a new joke. So nice to hear from you. 😀

    • Thanks! Did you like the bowtie? I made that for him our first Christmas as newlyweds–along with a red-corduroy vest and do you know that after 41 Christmas it still stinking fits him?! Life ain’t fair sometimes!

    • Oh we certainly are! Thank you. Except for eating too much, we’re doing great here. Our NYC girl is still here because of the blizzard in NYC. She’s missing a much-anticipated French restaurant dinner tomorrow night, and not getting the work done she’d hoped, and having to put up with us as well. What a way for her to end the year! 😮

      • It’s actually still a very nice way to end the year, mom!

        I’ve always disliked that Paul McCartney song too–in contrast to the Lennon and Ono one, which always, ALWAYS, brings tears to my eyes, the Wonderful Christmas one sounds so insipid and trivial. But I’ll vow to like it more now.

  5. Love the picture. You and hubby both look wonderful. Have a great holiday and a great new year. I hope this one will have only good things for you.

  6. I hope you and yours all had a lovely day. I thought about you all the time we were gone into the warmth. Hope the snow isn’t to deep to get out. 🙂 You and your writings have been a great gift to me this year. Thank you.

    • I can say the same about you. It’s nice you were thinking of us. I was all the time hoping your warm cruise was going well, doing you both good, and that neither of you gained any weight at all with all the food temptations that you must have had! Weren’t we all lucky we weren’t in the northeast? I’ve been through those nor’easters and they’re nothing to sneeze at! Because of it, alas, our daughter is stuck here an extra couple of days–poor her! We’re so boring, and she has so much work to get done when she gets home! (It’ll be kind of nice to get back to normal, but for us that won’t be until February probably.)

    • Thanks G! And hope your family slides right in there also for a very eventful new year in your neck of the woods. (Only GOOD events natch!) 🙂

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