the critters deck the halls

Twelve more shopping days until Christmas. My holidays are getting complicated more than I wish–trying to get things done for the holiday and travel at the same time is a huge challenge–the usual traditions, cookies, fruitcake, the holiday cards, shopping, etc. I didn’t need the additional complication of a rheumatoid arthritis flareup too, but got it all the same. (Someday I’ll try to explain how RA differs from Osteoarthritis, as the difference is dramatic.) My oncologist told me that the chemo treatment I received often inhibits RA for long periods. Alas, I only made it around seven months.

Since we’re trying to be prepared to leave the country, it’s become necessary to reinstate the RA treatments. We’re trying now to get the necessary insurance permissions as well–all before we leave. Once begun it should be reasonably easy. Two intravenous solution every six months at an interval of two weeks. That means I’ll need to have the first one accomplished by Christmas, with the second part done two weeks later, in order to make it in time for traveling.

Since it’s also an open enrollment period for Medicare, that points to additional delays as insurance companies are busy. Meanwhile the clock ticks down. Nothing to do but believe things will work out.

It’s pretty well accepted among health professionals that pets have a calming effect on a lot of people. I no longer have any pets, so I kinda use my backyard critters as substitutes, but I can’t invite them in to sleep on my lap like my cats (and my Bichon Charley) used to. So when I found this video featured on my Facebook page a short time ago, I watched it several times. And laughed and laughed. And felt better. So if the holiday flurry or a health related issue is beginning to get to you, do watch it. If you love animals, I guarantee you’ll love it. And it’ll only take two minutes and 46 seconds. I have a feeling I may need to watch it a lot next week.

4 thoughts on “the critters deck the halls

  1. You have a lot on your agenda. I’m sorry about the RA flare. Stress doesn’t help that, I know, so take deep breathes and put your feet up too. Your trip sounds fun. Glad you will get your first treatment before you go.

  2. Relax Alice, The holidays will happen with or without the cookies, fruitcake, the holiday cards or the shopping. The people are the important part. True friends will not desert you for a slice of cake.

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