the hair does the talking

While I work on a new India post, I thought I’d do a post update on one of my current obsessions, due to the fact that I have so little of it, hair. This urge was instigated no doubt by the fact that yesterday we mailed off my visa application for the India trip in January. It required a recent picture. The other was taken in 2008 for my passport renewal. I was hoping my hair would grow back in thicker (it didn’t) and all silver (it didn’t, although there’s a lot of it sprinkled in there). A lot of changes over a two-year period, don’t you think? But I’m getting used to it. Once you’ve had chemotherapy, there’s really no such thing as a bad hair day.

(click on photos to enlarge)

13 thoughts on “the hair does the talking

  1. Alice! MY God! You look ten years YOUNGER in the new photo! Seriously! I LOVE your hair! Both the color and the style! You truly look tres chic!
    I’m SO excited about your upcoming trip to India and will be looking forward to all the details. Once again….bravo to you!

  2. Not many women can wear their hair like that and look great, but you certainly can. You’ve got the right shaped face to pull it off, and like the others have said, it looks very hip and contemporary.

  3. The first thing I noticed about the photo was your eyes and wonderful smile. Remember people who never met you before never knew about the old style.

    Embrace the new look and enjoy!

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