12 thoughts on “for my granddaughter and yours

  1. This should be required in parenting classes. My 14 and 12 year creative, smart, amazing, and fabulous granddaughter’s and I thank you! sue

  2. WoW! I’m speechless! If that’s what is out there, I need to spend a little more time on YouTube!

    Thanks, Friend.

  3. This is incredible!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Having had a mother who always stressed looks (and still have the scars on my psyche to prove it) and seemed to think I wasn’t pretty enough. I tried to instill in my daughter the idea that it’s what in one’s brain and heart that counts — and yes, I think she’s beautiful. I think it worked. That said, a couple old scars opened while viewing. Sigh.

    • Your mother was a victim of her times and probably her mother too. Don’t let it continue to get you down. I’ve never even seen you but have gotten to know you through your thinking cap and I think you are–listen to that old Joe Cocker song (in your head) “You Are So Beautiful.”

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