wonky wednesday

or, a good secondary or even third title could be art talk . . . or a good hat season. I could get used to days like this one…free time after my Osher classes each Wednesday.

Hubby and I decided to limit our classes and Osher activities to have as few morning drives to campus as possible. I chose my class, Early Utah Arts: 1847 to 1940, because it’s a class I don’t have to prepare for or do a lot of reading to prepare, and it’s on Wednesdays when we have a different talk each week–at noon–by a variety of interesting people and organizations. Also, I do a lot of reading on my own, and I didn’t want to do a lot of  additional reading. When the class is done, I can either followup with additional searches on the internet, or I can forget about it until next Wednesday.

All I have to do is show up, with or without a notebook and pen (which works well with my faulty memory), choose a seat, sit back and watch (powerpoint presentations) and listen. In this way I’m learning a lot of local color and history in addition to learning what art is “collectible” in Utah. Things like this, art, sticks better if it’s fed to me in an anecdotal way in which I tend to remember things best. As a former Docent myself with some experience passing along stories, I find people care less about dates that are easy to forget, but remember better when things are framed within a time period or when an interesting story can be woven around it in the telling.

After my class ends, I have a half-hour break during which I usually chat with other class members I’ve come to know over the years. Then around 11:30 Hubby shows up for Lunch & Learn with a brown bag lunch we share while waiting for the lecture to begin. Today’s program was a slide show presentation about climbing Mount Everest by a local woman, Carol Masheter (also known as Silver Fox)  in her 60’s. On May 24, 2008, along with an assortment of other adventurists–of which she was almost the oldest (a silver haired man was 3 months older)–conquered Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The whole trip, from SLC and back again, took about 70 days. She shared some of the highs (beautiful photographs, natch!) and lows (on the descent she suffered a sort of high-altitude–~26,000 feet–blindness). She’s very near finishing a book about the experience, (working title No Magic Helicopters). Talk about breaking stereotypes!

At one point, I think when Dr. Masheter was sharing tips about physically preparing for such a trip, I leaned over to Hubby and whispered, does this make you want to do something like this? Hubby has always been a fidgety and adventurous type who has problems sitting still very long, so I could easily imagine the wheels in his head turning. I was greatly relieved with his answer: actually this all seems like a highly unnecessary activity at this point. It’s good we’re slowing down at similar rates, ’cause I’d be awfully jealous if he could do that ’cause I know I can’t.

After lecture is over, I leave and have the afternoon to myself. Last week I stopped by my hairdresser’s for a short visit. Today I stopped by a small strip mall I pass on my way home. I got a bit carried away in Steinmart’s trying on all the scarves and hats. I’ve always loved hats. I tried on several and loved them all, feeling very gratified to see, well, almost sideburns, poking out on the edges! Yes, there’s a tuft or two of hair that show. So even though I need a new hat like another hole in the head, I bought one.

So, what do you think? Is it a good year for hats?

18 thoughts on “wonky wednesday

    • As you can imagine, Silver, I don’t have a lot of free time to just mosey around like we used to do. I like having Hubby around 24/7, but I do miss my hang out by myself time, too!

  1. I love, love, LOVE your hat! And yes, I too am a huge hat person. Yours is adorable. So perky. So sporty. So upbeat. It looks super on you, Alice. And I certainly do see that hair peeking out. But I must say…..you look super for somebody that’s been through what you’ve been through this past year! So a huge BRAVO to you, my friend! You actually look GLOWING! How great!

    • Thanks Terri! It WAS a bad beginning to the year, but I’m feeling so good now, it’s hard to believe it all really happened. The missing hair reminds me though.

  2. Blue is my favorite color so you know how I feel about the hat. It looks great with the silver hair, the blue eyes and the blue shirt! Some blue lipstick would have completed the outfit. 😉

  3. You look great. Love the hat. And you do look healthy and wonderful.

    Most of my Osher classes are like yours: come in, sit down, listen. Lately I find I’ve been sleeping in some of them. That’s when I usually drop the class. I don’t like sleeping sitting up.

    • I so agree with you Ruthe! Quitting is the way to go sometimes. It’s the same with me when I begin reading a new book, so much so that I’ve begun asking myself who’s fault is it if I can’t really “get into” a book? Mine, because I’m slipping intellectually? Or the author’s for not writing better? At long last, I’ve decided I can quit something when or if I want to, including books that aren’t hooking me in the first chapter. Is that one of the little liberties gained by getting older! 😕

  4. Not wonkey at all. What nice Wednesdays these will be this semester. I find the women’s creativity during that period fascinating. Then a free afternoon….magic stuff. I photographed as many log cabins as I could when we were near Vernal last time….such history they offer. Some contents….like quilts, are in all the local museums and hard to see.

    • About that word “wonky”. Sometimes a title for my posts just pop into my head and I wonder where they come from. I’m sometimes amazed that I seem to know words that I didn’t know I knew! So I looked it up to make sure it was correct, i.e., wacky and out of the ordinary, and I supposed you learn words subliminally when you read lots of different kinds of books as I do, and they pop out from time to time. I’ll bet you have a weird assortment of words floating around in the Broca’s area of your brain as well, considering all the reading you do.

  5. You look GORGEOUS! SERIOUSLY! I love the whispies peeking out from under the cute hat, too. Way to heal! And the class sounds fun, too.


    • You’d like the class if you love art. Interestingly, there’s only one female artist featured so far, Mary Teasdale. Naturally I with the curious mind was the only one to ask, but some of the early Utah artists practiced polygamy, most were too poor to take on more than one wife, a condition which artists and writers still suffer to this day. Then someday, when their art is sought after and draw in big $$, it gets distributed among their survivors! Where is the justice. Women artists are likely few and far between because their services were required to take care of the farms while their hubbies were away serving missions. Thanks for commenting and noticing the whispies too. I’m quite proud of them!

  6. That kind of class is exactly what I need. And for the record I not only love your hat, I wish I could get one exactly like it! It sure looks nice on you. You are looking really good now. I haven’t had much computer access lately and I haven’t done a lot of responding just on my Iphone but I have been keeping up on my reading. I still love your blog!

    • I’ve been following your adventures along the Oregon Coast, Edna. Makes me want to sing Moon River sometimes, as it sure looks like that RV was a great choice for you two! It’s so beautiful there that I sometimes envy your Huckleberry summer life. I used to have a little book a woman I knew wrote about her (and her hubby) gadding about in their RV. It was so cute but I don’t know what happened to it. Maybe you should keep a reflective diary of your wandering days, too. Thanks for commenting. I love to hear from you.

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