grand dogs and children

Whenever they go away for a few days, Baloo, our daughter’s family’s Australian Shepherd, stays at our house. We feed him and take him for walks every day, and talk to him some, so he’s come to consider our house his second home, his refuge.

This morning shortly after nine o’clock, we heard something pounding up the veranda stairs. It’s Wednesday, so we were pretty sure who it was, and yes, there he was, standing right outside the door to the family room where Hubby was.

He shows up every Wednesday, almost like clockwork, soon after the maid shows up at their house to clean. He hates vacuum cleaners! So we take him in, give him water and have a nice chat with him, then let him hang out at our place until his other family comes home, then we take him home.

Now that the kids are getting older, they’re allowed to ride bikes to our house (about a block away) for short visits. It’s sort of like when I was growing up and my father allowed me to go with him to Grandma & Grandpa’s house whenever he needed to check on them. Too bad more grandmas and grandpas don’t get to see their grandkids and granddogs on such a casual basis. Not a bad way to spend retirement–as long as they all go home to sleep!

Now who could resist this face?

7 thoughts on “grand dogs and children

  1. My grandkids are 4 houses down the street. We are so lucky! If you need a sitter for Baloo consider me, though the air fare may be a problem. What a doll!

  2. VERY true! WHO could resist that face! He’s gorgeous and you’re very fortunate to have those grandkids SO close, so enjoy! (But I agree on the going home to sleep….lol)

  3. What a sweetie! One of the things I love about where I live is that my son had the freedom to go places – initially to the square in the middle of our urbanisation, then to the little shop, then down the hill to the village. There was a clear progression and it was so nice that he could have his freedom. I grew up in the city where everything was a lot more limited

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