time to come clean . . . a movie recommend too

I was going to title this post “more than one way to skin a …” but I couldn’t bring myself to type the final word. I love those little furry four foots too much to even flirt with the image that title brings up! I’m sure what made it come to mind was a scene in a 2010 Sundance movie we saw last week, WINTERS BONE, winner of the Sundance 2010 Grand Jury Prize. The scene is of Ree Dolly teaching her young siblings how to skin a squirrel and was a difficult thing to watch on a big movie screen. This kind of movie isn’t for everybody, but it was right up my alley. Hubby thought it was a very well done movie, but admitted he’s not so “into” cultural studies like that depicted in this movie adapted from a book I read a few weeks ago by Daniel Woodrell, an exciting new writer discovery for me. I’ve read two of his books and on my third. Here’s what the NY Times movie critic had to say about the movie.

Anxious sympathy for this young woman in peril [that would be Ree Dolly] — at 17, barely more than a child herself and forced to respond to challenges that would terrify most adults — is the prevailing emotion you are likely to feel when watching “Winter’s Bone.” It is straightforward and suspenseful but also surprising and subtle. Ree is torn between loyalty to her brother and sister and a desire to escape her ancestral home, to join the Army and make a new life for herself. But an interview with a military recruiter reveals just how deeply she is embedded in a way of life that has defined her family for generations.

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so hard for people to escape the circumstances of their lives–poverty and such–and if it comes to your town, and you like what you read about it in the link or if you just want or need to learn how to skin a squirrel, go see it. It probably won’t be at the regular theaters, more likely it’ll show up as a presentation by an art cinema, i.e., “artsy theater” as it was here in SLC. If you go with a friend, it’ll give the two of you a lot of talk about afterwards.

Anyhow, as roundabout as it seems, it brings me to this admission: that photograph of me and the fish wasn’t real. It was doctored. When I used Windows XP, I was privy to software that allowed me to superimpose a head from one picture onto a different body in a different photo. What makes me mad about the “improvements” Microsoft keeps making is that just as you get used to and fairly good using a photo program, they come up with a new and “improved” way to do things, and when you eventually give up the old computer as we who got hooked always do, and be forced to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7,  you have to learn things all over again. And sometimes, as in Windows 7, you can’t even do some of the things you could do with XP, all in the interests of “improvements.”

Like all those writers who still refuse to use a word processor, electing instead to keep writing on their trusty old yellow legal pads, I decided to do my photo doctoring the old-fashioned way. I took several pictures of myself with my digital camera, printed a copy of it, then printed a photo (real, presumably) of a woman holding a huge Walleye. It took several tries to get my self-portrait head to size-wise match the fish/woman photo, but finally the look was honed to just about right, or at least good enough! With my trusty old scissors I cut out my head–even kept the woman’s hoop earrings though they don’t show up very well–and slapped it right over that other woman’s head in about a half hour. Learning a new way would probably have killed the whole day.

I know some of you saw through it right away, but like that fellow, President Lincoln wasn’t it?, who said you can fool some of the people all the time? Actually he said “please the people” but it’s all about the same thing, isn’t it? So I wasn’t fishing, but I did go to the lake last weekend, and I saw a dead fish carcass swept ashore by the ferocious winds last weekend in Utah and surrounds. Next time I’ll share some pictures of that trip, another beautiful travel destination. There’s a photograph of the ideal vacation home–shaped like the shoe that Mother Hubbard’s old woman who had so many children she didn’t know what to do lived in. Have a great weekend.

14 thoughts on “time to come clean . . . a movie recommend too

  1. Winter’s Bone has been on my list to see, but it hasn’t arrived in my area yet. Everything I’ve read says it’s a hard movie to watch, and that Ree is a strong independent character.

    Wow, you go through a great deal of trouble to get the perfect photo for your posts. I’m just a quick point and click person.

    • That’s probably why I’m always behind in everything I try to do and have to take frequent breaks from blogging; I can get downright obsessive about these things, dang it. 🙄 Oh, and about Winters Bone, I would have guessed it would be something you’d like.

    • Ohhh no! Now you’ll never be able to trust me again, will you Silver? Just know that you can always trust me in all the ways that count!

  2. I hate that features you enjoy in a program are removed in an upgrade. Sometimes it’s done because they’ve figured out a way to put the feature into another program and sell it to you separately. Sometimes it could involve copyright violations. An early version of Adobe Acrobat (not Acrobat Reader) included a feature that would capture a website so you could make it into a pdf and examine it offline. Subsequently, Adobe took this feature-rich version and divided it into two or three separate programs that they sold at various prices depending on usage. To my dismay, the website capture disappeared altogether.

  3. I loved it tho I knew it was photoshopped….or what ever trick you used. To read that it was pasted up the old way was heartening. I loved the look on your face. I agree with Ruthe….something you love often goes away or you have to pay through the nose for it. I’m really grateful that right now, every program I use still works on Windows 7.

  4. hee, i knew it was fake, but i have a cheat – i live here and i know that you’d have to have gone all by yourself b/c you married a man who cannot bear the thought of a) touching a worm; b) watching a worm get stuck on a hook by other people; c) watching a fish flop around….etc.

    i wonder if dad’s problem with the movie is more that he hates to even think there are people in the world who live/think in the scary way the dolly clan does…

    • Of course you had the advantage. You were with us on the lake trip. And I suspect you’re right about your dad just not wanting to think about others not having it so good in life. Picking yourself up by the bootstraps and making it in the world we’ve created doesn’t always work.

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