pictures worth a thousand words

I’ve been very busy catching up on things around the house this week, and haven’t had much time either to blog or read my favorites, but I’d collected these pictures over the weeks, and they say far more effectively so many thoughts on nearly everybody’s minds these days. Plus, I admit straight up that I stole them–almost called this post Thursday Thievery–but I doubt the source, a Facebook friend, would mind all that much as she admits that she stole them herself–from  Be sure you look at the last one. It’s my favorite!

6 thoughts on “pictures worth a thousand words

  1. I vote for the first one UNLESS the implication that Palin would quit because she’s a woman! BUT I am assuming it’s her resignation as Alaska’s governor as well as the tough road our president has had to tackle that inspired this creator. If she’d quit to push book sales, what else would she abandon? Right?

    • I agree with you–I would never expect Ms P to quit because she’s a woman, but she did quit even before she was half way into her term as gov, especially if you count the vp run. She’s like a lot of politicians: self-serving, and doesn’t deserve my admiration or respect.

    • Sounds delisc! If I were there I’d have a glass of decaf iced tea instead of water. When are you heading back to your hot hot home?

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