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You know how news goes: I have good news and bad. The good news is that I now have about a quarter-inch growth of hair–not enough to curl around my finger yet–but enough to feel thrilled when I’m sitting around resting or studying something on the computer monitor or tv screen and habitually run my hands over my scalp and feel real hair. The bad news is a mix: it’s growing even faster on the eyebrows (being near sighted it’s hard to keep them shaped and tweezed), the legs, and under my arms. AND, the weather has become quite warm during the daytime now, and flipping my wig on and off (at home, not in public) has become a quick way to cool off.

Even more unexpected, I’m beginning to look at my wigs and feel a little sad that soon I won’t need them anymore. I’ve become somewhat enamored of (1) having fuller hair and lots of body, and (2) of always having “good hair” days. My own “good hair” times–with my own hair that is–last about an hour after shampoo and styling. These days when I look into the mirror at the red-headed woman or the one with the streaked brownish-blond and slightly longer hair looking back at me, they no longer look like strangers. I’m afraid the new me with my own hair will. Some people are hard to satisfy, and I guess I must be one. But I’m still looking forward to my first haircut, which at the rate I’m growing may not be until the end of the year.

To end the week with a little fun, I’m posting a puzzle here that Hubby picked up at the local school one day; he (and I) are hopelessly addicted to these things. I figured someone must have found it online somewhere so I googled the first line and, sure enough I found it. Then I found it in various incarnations at half a dozen or more other websites, but this one claims to be the original. These are all abbreviated well-known phrases, though some–like the first one (24 Hours in a Day)–are more familiar and easier than others. You may find the answers (now don’t cheat!) elsewhere on this site by clicking here, or–if you like this one and would like to see others, I refer you to the “original” brain training games site I traced this puzzle to here.

* * * * * * *

1.  24 H in a D

2. 26 L of the A

3. D of the W

4.  7 W of the W

5.  12 S of the Z

6. 52 C in a P (W Js)

7. 13 S in the U S F

8.  18 H on a G C

9. 39 B of the O T

10. 5 T on a F

11. 90 D in a R12.  3 B M (S H T R)

13. 32 is the T in D F at which W F)

14. 15 P in a R T

15. 3 W on a T

16. 100 C in a D

17. 11 P in a F (S) T

18. 12 M in a Y

19. 13 U for S

20. 8 T on an O

21. 29 D in F in a L Y

22. 27 B in the N T

23. 365 D in a Y

24. 13 L in a B D

25. 52 W in a Y

26. 9 L of a C

27. 60 M in an H

28. 23 P of C in the H B

29. 64 S on a C B

30. 9 P in S A

31. 6 B to an O in C

32. 1000 Y in a M

33. 15 M on a D M C

34. 8 P in the S S

35. 88 P K

36. 200 D for P G in M

37. 8 S on a S S

38. 4 Q in a G

39. 1 W on a U

40. 5 D in a Z C

41. 57 H V

42. 40 D and N of the G F

13 thoughts on “hair update and more

  1. I ditch my wigs about 5 months after chemo ended. I went ala natural to a birthday party in September last year. I, too, had just enough to cover my scalp, and the gel & go look was sure easy to maintain and a whole lot cooler than those wigs, but I also missed my great hair days and wigs I had grown to love! The, like almost magic, 4 months later (Christmastime) it had a growth spurt and hasn’t stopped! My hair is now thicker and fuller than I ever had before! So the good and better news is that in a few short months you’ll get that hair cut you dream of and the upkeep will have your hubby saying, “Honey!!! Aren’t you ready YET!???”

    • When I got my wigs, I announced that I would donate them to the hospital for other women undergoing chemo who couldn’t afford to buy one. I’ll probably still do that in good time, but I will hate to see them go. One thing I’ve noticed about being bald is that it’s so easy, like you say, to maintain, and my ears get cleaned better than ever because they can’t hide behind a hairdo I don’t want to ruin with too much moisture close by. I am so good at popping on my wig that I can do it without a mirror now–fluff it with my fingers and I can be ready to go record time. I’ll be following your hair progress while my is underway.

  2. Great news about the re-growth! Embrace the ‘gel and go’ look and be proud of your new image. You worked hard for it! Be careful in the sun as the scalp can burn easily. Make yourself a nice sun hat – use some of those quilt squares, then one of these days you can give us a fashion show!

    • I will definitely do the “gel and go”. I figure about another month there should be enough to do that. And I think it will also be a good time to record all the different lengths and looks as it grows. Perhaps I won’t color it (blond streaks) anymore either, and I’ll decide whether or not I want “bangs” this time. Definitely a lot more positives to consider than negatives. I’ll work on that fashion show, too.

  3. I think it’s perfectly natural to feel exactly as you do. And even though it’s a bit of a mixed blessing to be getting your own hair back, I think it’s natural to “mourn” the loss of what you’ve become used to. ie: the wigs.
    With that said…….I have no doubt you’ll adjust very well to your own hair. There are SO many really cute styles out there now for very short hair and you may have noticed…….I’ve also gone the very short route. SO easy to care for and also cool in the heat and humidity.
    Glad to hear you’re doing so well, Alice. Keep up the great work!

    • Terri, I went into your Facebook pictures to check out your new “pixie” look. It’s fabulous and I love the color–so soft looking–and you can probably get a punkier look with the gel, too.

    • It’s nice at least that others with wispy locks can understand. I doubt the others (lucky ducks with thick, coarse hair) have a clue how difficult it is to manage fine, wispy hair without looking “skint”.

  4. Yes, I bet it grows back thick and delightful. 🙂 You won’t miss those wigs at all. Me….I gave up styling my hair as I am in the pool every day. It”s back in a clip, up in a clip, or down briefly until it get’s in my eyes. I’m keeping it shorter because of the swimming, but otherwize I would have a braid.

    • I have always loved braids! If I’d ever been able to have one with my hair, it would be a little more than an inch around. It would be nice if it grew in thicker this time.

  5. Great news about your hair! Because you were bald for a few months, you must feel very apelike now. Can you tell if your hair is the same texture as before? I vote for keeping the wigs until after winter. You might want a warm, convenient “hairdo” in February.

    • Would you believe that last night in the shower I washed my “hair” for the first time in months!? Up ’til now I’ve been washing my head with a washcloth with moisturizing soap. Can’t tell about the texture yet, it feels like biddy down in places and spiky in others. Looks like the color is white around the face except for a streak on the top left, and very dark in the back. I think that means I’m going to look a bit like Morticia of the Addams Family. (Are we in the travelin mood today? I’m off for my last treatment in 5 minutes! Yeaaaaaaa!)

  6. It’s good to hear you are running fingers across a new crop of hair! You never know how it will be now. I’ve had friends whose hair came in thicker and with body so there is hope!

    We like puzzles but we’ll be coming back to it when our days are a little more relaxing. We have a space full of grandchildren still and it’s a different kind of relaxing that doesn’t give you time to think of much other than the grandchildren. I’m sure you know what I mean!

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