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One of the reasons I dragged my feet about getting a new computer for so long is that I hated the trials and tribulations of transferring all the things I had stored on the hard drive of the old PC to the new one. Eventually, my impatience at waiting for files to open got the better of me, and when it began to crash semi-weekly, I relented and Hubby replaced my old trusty PC and Windows XP with a new, super-sized (scads of memory and a 24-inch monitor) one with Windows 7 (ugh!). Then he set about the business of transferring all my files onto an external drive so that I could slowly file away the things I wanted to keep.

Yesterday, when I wanted to do a blogpost using a certain picture, it was not to be found. Today, with Hubby’s help it was located but something happened to the link and in trying to open it with various programs, it was totally lost. I hate new computers that eat up my pictures! So as not to be outdone by machines, however, I’m substituting this post instead, and only a day late (nearly two!).

Yesterday was Hubby’s and my 41st wedding anniversary. Since you’ve gotten to know him a little, I thought you might enjoy learning how he discovered me and I him, but first let me show you how he looked all those years ago. Here he is pretending to play my piano. I thought he looked like a young, very skinny Carmen Cavallaro. (Those were my romantic years when I thought I could learn to play piano. I did, but not well.)

I was working at the University of Florida as secretary to several professors in the Metallurgy Department. One of the professors I worked for was in charge in recruiting quality graduate students from all over the world to our fledgling new department. As his assistant, I handled routine correspondence with the students who applied, checking to see they had submitted all the prerequisite documents and recommendation letters. His friend and former college roommate was already a PhD candidate in our department, and it was through him Hubby learned about the U of F. I remember quite well one of the letters from a former professor of his recommending him highly and stating something to the effect that he was an especially polished young gentleman who would be an asset to our program.

The day he arrived in Florida, his friend brought him to my office to introduce him. There was something about his eyes–so brown and so gentle–and when he smiled I saw the dimples. It wasn’t long before I offered him a ride home after work. Not long after he invited me to lunch, which he prepared himself, at his and his roommate’s apartment.

Now here’s where I was going to insert that picture I’ve been looking for off and on for two days ! It was a picture of me taken a week before our wedding in 1969 and since it’s no longer available, here’s a substitute. If where you are is like where we are, even though the weather’s promised good things the last two days, flowers au naturel are a welcome sight.

Here’s a sobering thought. Exactly a year ago yesterday, we were at approximately 12,500 feet above sea level in a rowboat  on Lake Titticaca in Peru. Just goes to show how much can happen in a year’s time. One can only wonder where we’ll be a year from now. In a good place, I hope (finger’s crossed!).

That’s what Hubby looked like then and here’s more or less what we look like now except for being a few years younger and when we were still in Las Vegas. When I grow new hair, I think it’ll be a good time for updating . . . I continue to have faith that it WILL grow back eventually. (Note: pictures will enlarge when you click on them.)

10 thoughts on “yin & yang of stuff

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I’m doing the new computer thing too and it’s taking me forever to move what I want and delete what I don’t want.

    • Thanks, Colleen! This comment came so fast I hope you saw the finished post! I published a tad too soon and was editing ’til just a minute ago. (Sometimes I’m my fingers are too fast for my brain and they make lot of mistakes! 🙂

  2. Sounds like it was time for a new computer but I’m with you … I hate the transfer part. I’m still not totally recovered from my hubby losing about 3 years of my pictures a few years ago. With him being a professional computer geek for so many years I was sure he could recover them somehow but they are all gone.

    Happy Anniversary! You are right about looking back a year and being surprised at how much can happen … much of it not planned for. Next year you will have a full head of beautiful hair.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

    Dang!!!!! I hope you will forgive me for not writing or posting — it’s been chaotic to put it mildly and won’t be slowing for a while.

    Here’s a lil hint: Every so often I make a CD of my photos so I don’t lose them — which reminds me that I need to make another one. That way when I get a new ‘puter I can just out them on it.

  4. A Belated 41st Anniversary! How fortunate you both are. Who knows what new horizons you will both share with us this time next year – Curls included! Now I am off to finish my spider for tomorrow….

  5. I love your title: Yin and Yang! What a beautiful human example of that concept. You are a gorgeous couple. 1969 is our marriage year, too. So great there are relationships that still last that long.

    Have a wonderful celebration! You both deserve it.

  6. Happy 41st anniversary, somewhat belatedly! I think Hubby is lucky that you went through a romantic phase. 😀

    The photographs are lovely and I hope you find the missing one.

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