All Clear and So, No More Mr. Nice Guy?

Hello everyone:

It was a great day yesterday.  Alice had her post-chemo PET/CT scan in the morning and we met with the oncologist in the afternoon.  When the Dr. came in she was all smiles and said that everything looked good.  No traces of cancer cells anywhere and her lab results from the blood sample were good too.  We had expected these results and neither one of us was all worried.  However, the impact of this message is taking its time sinking in.

On the way home, I told Alice that now that she is all well, she will have to start taking care of herself and start cooking and stuff.  NO MORE MR. NICE GUY, I said to her.  She had her answer ready.  She says that she had been reading about the treatment and it is usual for the caregivers to drop their caregiving  as soon as the treatment is over.  The article she read said that it is a mistake to expect the patient to pick up their pre-treatment schedules because the effects of the treatment last weeks to months and sometimes years.  Not having seen the article, I decided not to challenge her.  And then she says, as she was getting ready to heat up some leftover food, “I hate cooking!”.  Well that did it for my “no more mr.nice guy” proposition.

Well, today my proposition got another setback.  We went to see the Radiation Oncologist to plan her radiation treatment.  They talked about how it should be relatively easy to deal with as it should not make her sick like chemo, and the only thing she may need is a moisturizing cream of some kind to apply to the treatment area as it is likely to have the feeling of sunburn.  ALSO, they said that she would suffer from general fatigue and feel drained for a while during and after the treatment.  So, there it is, my near-term job is to continue to be the nursemaid, chief cook, dishwasher, picker-after and run errands.

Well, seriously, as I am writing this post, my delight in the great news is slowly washing over me and I hope Alice gets the same feeling when she reads this post to correct my grammar.

What is next?  She goes through a verification step for her radiation treatment set up (where she lies down into a mold specially made for her to position her in the treatment room and they’ll check all the marks) next Friday (May 28) and her first of the twenty  treatments  will start on June 1.  It will be two days after our 41st wedding anniversary.  We definitely know how to celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries.  If you all remember, her first Chemo session was on my birthday.  That’s all for now.


9 thoughts on “All Clear and So, No More Mr. Nice Guy?

  1. We could send you some recipes?!
    You are a Mr. Nice Guy – and we’ve all learned that through your posts for Alice.
    Once the treatments are done, you really need to come up with a better way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries!
    Hugs for both of you!!

  2. OH, what wonderful news on that scan! Wahoooo! Way to go, Alice! Keep up the great work. Hoping the radiation goes smoothly for you.
    As for hubby……hey, a caregiver’s work is never done! But I’d say you’re doing one heck of a fantastic job! I do believe you’re a candidate for Husband of the Year. You keep up the great work too.
    Sending warm thoughts and lots of positive energy to both of you.

  3. Wonderful news from the oncologist! No way can we go on with ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’! Hubby you are part of the package now and we would all have withdrawal symptoms if you went quiet. The ‘fatty gue’ (fatigue) will pass, only worry about today’s worries today and let everything else wait for its own time!

    Just like Alice in Wonderland, you will have to celebrate an UN birthday and anniversary Party this year!

    Forty one years. How fortunate you both are!

  4. Well I don’t know about you two but for me that last 51 years of Woo Hoo’s have always seemed to be accompanied by letting out a big breath I’ve been holding. I just got back from my company’s annual conference where the theme was The Journey and my CEO is seeking innovation – it seems that is a good enough metaphor here as well – but along the way someone does have to do the cooking, the picking up, and the supporting so who better than you hubby.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful news! I’m so happy to hear the cancer is nowhere to be seen! Keep on keeping on! Hubby’s like you are the greatest gift a woman can get in this life.

  6. Thank you Mr. Nice Guy…….I too am cheering. Hurrah, hurrah….this is so heartening. Alice, Now on top of chemo brain you will be tired, but it’s all worth it in the end. We will be on the road for a week, but you might suggest to Mr. Nice Guy that a housekeeper could do the worst of the work once every two weeks. It’s worth it here.

    And I too hate cooking. Why I don’t know as I love eating….but there you are. Perhaps it’s all the years we have been doing it. I even cooked my way through my first 4 years of college as a private chef. I keep thinking this reinforced my hatreds.

    We love you. Sorry we are not coming your way this year. Hugs……..

  7. About 15 years ago I underwent a couple of major surgeries back 2 back. That was enough to earn me a life-time excuse from vacuuming! 🙂

    So happy to get such great news. We celebrated our 41st in March, and I am happier in this marriage than I have ever been. It just keeps getting better!

    Congrats and ALL levels! Renae

  8. Happy anniversary, happy unbirthday, and happy to hear the great news. And I’m happy to hear you are not off the hook, hubby; I enjoy your posts almost as much as Alice’s.

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