No Mo Chemo, Yayyy!

Well, Alice went through her last infusion (mini chemo with just one drug) Thursday (4/22) and her last lumbar puncture on Friday.  About 5 or 6 of the hospital staff in the infusion room came and sang to Alice celebrating her last session and gave her a certificate and a nice fleece blanket to take home.  It really was a good way to end the whole ordeal.

The path leading to the last infusion was not all that great.  My last post about “So far so good” lasted only so long.  She started to feel pretty lousy starting Monday PM and this went from bad to worse by Thursday AM.  We got to the hospital early that day after talking to the nurse.  We thought that the infusion may possibly be postponed.  After a blood sample analysis, the oncologist decided that Alice should go ahead as planned.  So we went and got it done with Alice complaining all the while that “she felt like she had been run over by a truck”, she had been kicked in the stomach by a horse etc. Finally we got home in the late afternoon and she ate some mashed potatoes.  This started another bout of stomach cramps and a lot of moaning and groaning and two pills of Imodium. I am getting into this kind of graphic details only because I think that the worst is over and I would not be describing such things in the future posts if I write any.  We still have another week or so to go before the effects of chemo are gone, but we are both optimistic.

Finally things settled down by late evening and by the next morning she was like a different person.  She sailed through her lumbar puncture with no problems and we went shopping for carpet for our expanded bedroom after a treat of Carl’s Jr. chocolate malted shake.

Now Alice has about three weeks of reprieve before the post-chemo PET/CT scan and then get ready for radiation treatment.  I am sure she can handle all of those with no problems as she knows that all of her blogosphere friends are pulling for her.  Thanks for all your best wishes and support.

11 thoughts on “No Mo Chemo, Yayyy!

  1. I am so pleased to know that hurdle is past. You are both well on the right road now! Woo Hoo! Alice, listen to your body and rest when it tells you!

    Hugs to both of you,


  2. Hey you guys, I am so glad the chemo is over and envy you the chocolate shake. How long will the radiation treatments last? You are in our thoughts and we send love and energy to you both.

  3. Wonderful news! It was so kind and thoughtful of the hospital staff to give Alice a nice sendoff plus a cozy blanket. They understand the ordeals of their patients. Looks as if Alice might become ravenous for all her favorite foods–that’s a great sign. Hide the potato chips.

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