Mini Update –

I am doing this post because Alice is being lazy about it.  She had a few bad days last week, but now she is almost back to normal.  She was going to do a post but decided to ask me to do it instead.  So, this is going to be short.

Alice’s digestive system has taken a beating so far partly due to the strong antibiotic, Levaquin, she was on.  This apparently kills all the good bacteria needed for digestion in your system along with the bad ones.  She has since been taken off of it and hopefully she will have less of a problem after the next cycle.  The sad part is that she should never have been prescribed this medicine from the start according to some of the other doctors at the hospital.  Anyway, after having spent $150 at the pharmacy, we are still left with about $100 worth of this medicine.  I will sell them to anyone who wants the drug, real cheap!!

We have an appointment with the radiation oncologist this afternoon to talk about her radiation treatment to start sometime next month.  No poking with the needle this time.

On a completely different subject, I saw an article in our local paper (Salt Lake Tribune) by Ted Williams who write for the “writers on the Range” or something like that.  He wrote about how most of the  nature photography is fake.  He says that the shows like Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom and Marty Stouffer’s Wild America were staged scenes and filled with fake encounters.  Even the scorpion dance in Walt Disney’s Living Desert was fake.  Also, this article says that the footage of lemmings jumping off the cliffs was staged and they really do not kill themselves that way.  Oh well, there is no Santa Claus!!!!

In total contrast to the staged, faux nature photography I mentioned above, here is the genuine thing that happened this morning just around 8 AM.  The dogs next door, Rasta and Rio started barking up a storm running along the backyard fence.  When we looked out there he was, a skinny coyote running along the fence on the outside.  He was just going back and forth playing with the neighbors’ dogs as though they were long lost buddies.  I took a few photos  with our not-so-great camera and here are a couple of shots.  We have seen coyotes in the past, running along the fence in the back but they never stayed still for me to take pictures.

(That’s Rio on the left with his tail in the air. There’s a chain link fence separating them.)

There it is, my “mini” post. We will update you if we get any new News.


7 thoughts on “Mini Update –

  1. Can’t we all just get along – tell the coyote that fence fighting is immature! And as doctors go, god help us. She was prescribed a drug that made her sick and other doctors question why she was prescribed and you’re left holding the bill – sound familiar? Good grief. Anyway good post Hubby. Have a great weekend and TGIF.

  2. Thanks Hubby for the update. I had Alice very much in mind this week as I went for my routine mammogram.

    I often wondered how much those pictures were photoshopped. Your pics are great, I hope the noise did not wake Alice.

    I will think of you both this afternoon!

  3. Wow – a coyote!
    Give Alice a hug from snowy/sleety NH (Yes, it is! Stupid weather). You can have a hug, too.
    You’re going to have to start your own blog once Alice is done with her treatments, you’re pretty good at it. 🙂

  4. It doesn’t have to be “new” news. Any will do….Alice knows we care, and news makes us care more. 🙂

    Hugs from here. 🙂

  5. Levaquin is horrible stuff. They ought to take it off the market. I’m sorry Alice took it. I had it for a bad leg infection, which was cured, but I was left with almost a year’s worth of side effects. I’ve put it on my list of allergies, unfortunately along with penicillin and tetracycline.
    Thanks for posting, hubby. I was beginning to get concerned.

  6. Hi P. Hope Alice is over the antibiotics episode. About 4 years ago, my doctor prescribed me antibiotics and along with that told me to take Culturelle (16 billion good bacteria per pill) which introduces good bacteria as you are killing off the bad. I usually would get a yeast imbalance when taking the meds, but the acidolphilus (same stuff in yogurt without the calories) kept that from happening. Since then, I have taken daily a smaller acidolphilus pill (3 billion) and when taking antibiotics, I increase to two pills per day. Check this out with your doctor if you or Alice needs antibiotics in the future. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  7. I don’t follow too many blogs, but the ones I visit range from “MommyBlogs” to “GeezerBlogs.” I sometimes chuckle at the differences. While my younger friends are detailing the pains of pregnancies, we boldly detail the woes of waning health. Or we ask nice husbands to post updates about our serious conditions and throw in some interesting nature pix for good measure.

    Always a pleasure,

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