Time flies, life goes on

Hello all:

I thought you all may be ready for a non-cancer related post for a change.  No, I am not taking Alice’s place here because I will never be able to match the depth and breadth of her style and voice.  This is just to let you folks know that life goes on in our household.

Today is the 11th wedding anniversary for daughter#1.  We have not done anything for her today other than to be happy for her and her husband. Oh, how much things have changed for her and us over the last 25 years.  Even today, I cringe when we look at her high school yearbooks and see pictures of her “boy friends”.  As a father of a bright young girl I obsessed a lot more about her future than she did.  I guess at that time I still had not given up the characteristics of the Indian parent deciding everything for the children so that their life would turn out  better than his own.  Well, I did not get to decide everything for her, but look at her now! A well respected professor of Psychology at the University.  By the way, we did not pick her husband either and they are a well matched pair with two bright but exhausting children of their own.  I would like to say that daughter #2 did not give us any heartaches but it will not be true.  By the time she was in high school, we were probably a little more relaxed and did not have the same degree of worries.  She did make us worry about her future when she chose English as her major.  She is now a Professor of Shakspeare at Hofstra U.

Skyped with daughter #2 and almost S-I-L  this morning.  We talked mostly about their upcoming trip to India for a family get together.  Alice and I had to cancel out of this trip, but we thought that the daughters and their families should go ahead with their plans.  They will spend three days with their cousins and uncles and aunts in Goa.  They will also spend three days in Delhi doing touristy things (go see the Taj in Agra) and about 8 days in Ladakh in the Himalayan foothills (about 10-14000ft levels) before leaving for the US.  They are getting pretty excited about the whole trip.  Even little Vimmy is dressing up her “white” doll with Indian clothes.

Few other things are going on with the Indian side of the family.  Brother-in-law, husband of older sister #2, is celebrating his 80th birthday.  Having retired from being a Principal of a college in central India, he is working on his second D.Litt.  He already has two Ph.Ds and another D.Litt.  His speciaity is ancient Hindu politics and social organizations dating back to 6th century BC.  I was just finishing up high school when they got married and he already had his Ph.D in Sociology. Some people never know when to quit.

Back here, work on the bedroom expansion is going forward in fits and spurts.  There is a three and half foot trench around the side of the bedroom and there is dirt mounded up everywhere.  It is likely to be about a month or so before we get back to normal in the backyard.I expect things will look very different when it is all done.

This is a lot of reminiscing for someone who does not look back much.  Blame it on the 11th wedding anniversary thing.

So, in general, life is good and good things are in the works.


13 thoughts on “Time flies, life goes on

  1. Industry is the best thing to take your mind off the things you can’t control so great on the construction continuing and glad the girls are headed to India. I’ve been thinking about your summer trip and thought perhaps the plans would be delayed given the circumstance. We’re all waiting for this treatment period to pass and for new plans to be made. Lots of love.

    • Hi Vim:

      I knew you will catch me on that.

      I actually thought about putting “No looky backy” in the post with a comment like how I used to tell you girls about not looking back. Mom says she likes the posts that reflect back on things. I still think that looking back is only good for learning lessons, if possible, and once it is done it is time to move on. It was Moe’s wedding anniversary thing that got me thinking about her awful “boyfriends” in high school and other stuff.


  2. Hugs for Alice, please.

    Yes, I too love learning. Your brother obviously loves that learning structure. And too, so sorry you all had to cancel the trip. The wonderfully educated kids will really enjoy the country and the family things.

    Thank you so much for the updates and posts.

  3. Hubby, You will be starting your own blog soon! Thanks for the update on your side of the family. I am sure the girls are excited about the trip.

    Keep the posts coming. 😀

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  5. My son is almost 16 and I have been so frustrated with his lack of attention to classes and so frightened of his choices now which will have such an important impact on his future.

    Thank you for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Fun to read about your family!! You are doing a great job of keeping us all
    informed about the chemo and the family. Hope Alice is feeling better now.
    Only 1 more round of chemo right? That is something to be happy about!
    Hope to see you both soon. Hugs

  7. Time Flies 80 years have flown away.Disappointed that you and Alice are not making the trip to Goa. Interesting account of what you are doing to forget the trauma. Glad to know that Vimala has become Prof. Shakespeare. She may be interested to know that the underlined has been a Prof. of English Literature for 35 years though he developed interest in Ancient Indian Society and got his doctorates in the latter. To Monisha. In Sanskrit, the term, manishini, means ‘thinker’, especially a social psychologist who has specialized in diplomacy and studying the minds of the populace and the trends among them. By the way, you may try to open my website, hindusocialpolity.com on Social Polity of Ancient India. It will reveal to you the entire contents of my 16 volumes on Passage to Hindu State.It is hosted by yahoo.com Congratulations to the ‘bahu’, who has been able to get numerous ‘hits’. Best wishes to all,Brooding Hubby.
    Nagarajan and Saradi

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