Yo Yo world of chemo

Hi all:

Just a quick update.  The second chemo session went well but the effects are not very kind to Alice.  This one is turning out to be no more of a picnic for Alice than the first one.  The first couple of days following the second session last Friday were okay with no real problems.  The last few days, however, have been miserable for both Alice and me.  Needless to say we are both tired (Alice much more so) of this yo-yo syndrome with a few days of feeling okay followed by a few days of misery.  Pretty soon, it will be time for the next treatment.

I keep telling Alice to look ahead to June when these things will be done with.  I also tell her that thousands of people have gone through chemotherapy, some for 6, 9 or 12 sessions and have survived.  After all, she has only 3 sessions to deal with.  In any case, I told her that I know of no one who had died from chemotherapy.  So, if any of you know of someone who died because of chemotherapy, we do not want to know about it!!

Seriously, just to let you all know, we are going to be fine and it is just a matter of time.  As difficult as it is  to convince Alice of this, I am sure that she will come out of her current funk.  She was busy yesterday getting all of our donation materials (clothing, shoes etc) together and labeling all of the ten or so shopping bags of stuff so we can take them to the homeless shelter in the next few days.  I am going to get her to go with me to drop them off because I am positive that it will lift her spirits.

Sorry to be whiny about this but I was told by many of you to keep the updates coming.


8 thoughts on “Yo Yo world of chemo

  1. Come on Hubby, a little whine is allowed. We realise how difficult it is to watch your soul mate go through the chemo. Count the days off on a calendar if it helps and have little treats ready for the good days. It will pass and we are all willing you both on!

    Positive thoughts winging through the airwaves.

  2. Whining can be good for the soul.

    Keep us posted. We’ll feed you guys dinner, with or without crazed grandchildren…

  3. It is one of the worst things … watching your sweetheart suffer so much. Whining on both sides is permitted. I’m sad to hear Alice is suffering like she is and I know how that feels on your side too. As much as we hate to wish time away in this case I think it is recommended. This will pass and there will be brighter days ahead. Tell her to “Keep on keeping on” and that we love her. You hang in there too and thanks for the updates.

  4. It’s okay!!!! Vent all you want!!!! You deserve to vent!!!! What you and Alice are going through is definitely worthy of a good old-fashioned whine. I’ve done some whining today, too, and now I am ashamed. My problems are plain damn silly compared to what Alice is enduring. And since you love her, you are sharing her pain. Don’t worry about sharing your feelings — we are here for Alice AND you. You both and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates amid the turmoil and give Alice my very best.

  5. I’d say ditto too, but that would be too boring. Tell her not to do so much, and nap a lot. We sure do appreciate you and her. Love her too. Hugs from a grey west coast.

  6. Whining allowed by all chemo patients and their loved ones! It is a rough time but you are correct – the funk will pass. I hope that you both can keep looking toward to light at the end of this dark tunnel and know that 6 months from now it will all seem a distant memory. I had 6 cycles and they are cumulative meaning they each build on one another and last longer and take you deeper into the chemo fog, but I did emerge and this coming week it will be ONE YEAR since my last toxic infusion! A Chemoversary! Hang in there Alice! We are all praying for you! YOU CAN DO IT!

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