with a little help from the other side of the world

Did I mention that Dr.G is probably in his late 20s or early 30s and is a natty dresser? One of the nurses told us that he has a thing about shoes.

On the other hand, they told us that Alice could potentially exhibit “psychotic” behavior as a reaction to chemo (our neighbor’s mother went through chemo and had “chemo brain” according to the neighbor).  So Alice does have some excuse for this apparent crush of hers.  Did I also mention that I am totally understanding of this “chemo brain”  theory and subscribe to it?

Now for the subject of today’s post.  My two brothers and their wives in India took a mini pilgrimage to this particular temple in South India.  The chief deity in this temple is a manifestation of God Shiva and this avatar is dedicated to helping physicians heal their patients.  This is somewhat similar to the variety of patron saints for different things in the catholic faith.  In the Hindu religion, God has various manifestations or avatars for helping humans cope with various life’s problems.   So, my brothers and S-I-Ls went to this temple and presented offerings on behalf of Alice and prayed for this God to help the doctors treating Alice here to succeed.

They also went to another town and had an audience with the Pontiff who provides spiritual and religious guidance to tens of millions who belong to the particular Hindu sect as my family in India does.  The Pontiff, upon being informed of Alice’s cancer, recommended a set of special prayers for my brothers to include in their daily rituals, which I am sure they are doing.  Well, this is what Indian families do and my family does when one family member becomes ill.  (If Alice ever had the slightest doubt about being part of the Indian side of the family, it should be erased completely by now).

Well, with all the Hindu prayers combined those being offered by our Christian and non-christian friends here, we are convinced that that powerful forces are at work.  So how can we not be optimistic about complete recovery? Her cancer, Alice is convinced, doesn’t have a chance!

Happy Easter everyone,

Hubby (with a little help from A)

6 thoughts on “with a little help from the other side of the world

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. It reminds me of the novenas we Catholics perform in serious cases.
    I know Alice thinks a great deal of your family. I’m sure she’ll appreciate their special efforts on her behalf.

    As to “chemo brain”, I believe it is a very real thing. I learned, while I was recovering from a massive stroke at age 31, that I did a lot of strange things and I wasn’t alone in that as I learned later. Patience is the key. It will pass.

    Give her a hug from me!!!!

  2. Hubby – if you know the Hindu prayers please pass them along in Hindu – my yoga guru and many around her know Hindu and I’d love to have our practice say the prayer for Alice too. We have Jews with Jewish prayers, Catholics with Catholic prayers (a nun no less), an Atheist with secular prayers, and we need to add Hindu to our prayers for Alice. Love, R

  3. Dear P, I have just gotten back into town from a visit to my brother’s family in Texas (I want to tell Alice about this when she is better as bro and I have been estranged for a dozen or so years). Anyway, I read your last three posts and the last one brought me to tears. I KNOW how Alice and you generate love from people where ever you have lived and now, Alice’s writing is touching people’s lives all over the world. Picturing all of us, the Hindus, the Christians, and the non-Christians sending healing love Alice’s way–this moved me like nothing else. Tell Alice I will e-mail tomorrow with a picture of Tom’s new look. Two weeks ago, he shaved his head and re-does it each morning. He has been told he looks younger (I guess becuse no grey hair is showing). I say, Alice, shave the head and flaunt the new look instead of hiding it. I do have to admit that Tom sometimes wears a knit hat because his head gets chilly. You hang in and thank you so much, P, for your posts. Dr. G. has nothing on you.

  4. Snookie,

    I promised Alice that I would never tell, but she also has a secret crush on Elvis. Like Doc G, Elvis had a thing for blue suede shoes.

  5. With all the prayers from all religions, positive energy and good attitude…..OF COURSE you should be optimistic. Count me in as optimistic right along with you!
    I’m SO glad I got to meet you both in person…..because trust me, that positive energy you both possess was transmitted to me.

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