2 done one more to go

No pictures today. Everything went fine with chemo session no.2.  It seemed to take forever though (good 4 hours from start to finish).  She did fine throughout with only a minor reaction to one of the drugs.  Tomorrow, we go for a shot of Neulasta and Monday for lumbar puncture no.2 out of 4 needed.

Several other good things (if they can be called “good”) happened with this session.  The temporary vein line they had installed yesterday could be used today for the infusion and so they did not have to poke around today.  It made Alice relax and put up with rest of the stuff more easily.  She also found two handmade soft felt hats from the donation shelf.  These hats are very soft and keep her bald head warm.  Speaking of that, she is getting balder by the hour and she may start to have a shiny head in about a day or so.  I don’t believe that either one of us is ready.

Another good thing was that we ran into a Dr.G who did the bone marrow biopsy on Alice.  This guy is tall (6 ft 8in), dark and handsome as the saying goes.  Alice is usually reserved and not the one to gush over a man’s looks.  But, this guy is different.  Alice thinks that there should be a law against some one having such good looks, medical smarts and also likable manners.  He has great personality and deals with patients very well.  I watched him working very hard trying to drill through the bone to extract a sample of  bone marrow from Alice and he kept her distracted with small talk and she did not even know what was being done.  (Dr. G would beat Dr. McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy hands down any day).  Well, anyway, Dr. G stopped by to chat with Alice and said some thing about being sorry about her hospital visit last week with low sodium.  It seems that the whole hospital knows about her adventure last week.

It seems that running into Dr.G prior to infusion didn’t hurt Alice’s mental state either.  One would think that she has a high school girl’s crush on this guy.  It is a good thing that I am being a total GROWN UP about all this, fixing her dinner, getting her pill boxes stocked up and taking care of other essential and mundane chores around the house.


7 thoughts on “2 done one more to go

  1. Dr. G. may be cute but –
    You’re the one holding her hand through the good and the bad – and that’s love…
    Hugs to both of you!

  2. No worries, Hubby McHandsome! Wish Miss Alice well. I am pretty sure her fans thing of her EVERY day! R.

  3. Glad it went well. Alice needs extra eye candy right now to make the days better. Remember ‘Eye Candy’ stays at the hospital and You are the one that Alice wants at home!

    Hugs to both of you. GM

  4. Alice-
    you are in my prayers this week. I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy the beauty of spring and observe all the pleasures of hope sprouting up around us. Feel well my friend and hang in there! You’re a tough one! Keep visions of Doctor Wonderful in your head – God knows we need doctors like him to keep us coming back for more torture! LOL! Happy Easter to you!

  5. Don’t worry about the nice ‘scenery’, you’re the love of her life and she knows how lucky she is. Glad it went reasonably well. Hope it continues.

    Thanks again for keeping us up to date!!!

  6. Hubby – tell Alice my first love was 6’8″ and handsome and there is something about the combo of height and looks that is mesmerizing! Also, I need your address again, Tatjana is back from Croatia and brought something I want to send. Also give a big hug and kiss to all of you from all of us here.

  7. Was very glad to hear you had the port put in…..makes it all much easier!
    Hmm, sounds like Hubby needs a major boost here, what with Dr. McDreamy, AKA Dr. G, on the scene………lol
    He sounds like a very intelligent and competent doc and I’m SO glad you have him, Alice!

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