Punked No More!!

Hello all:

To those of you who liked Alice’s new punked/spiked look, I am sorry to say that it was short lived.  Her hair started to come out in few strands at a time and the nurse at the cancer doctor’s clinic suggested that it may be time for a shave.  Well, neither Alice nor I were prepared to go all the way and so I just decided to trim it real short (about half inch length).  Results are not so bad but not as good as the last go round.

No chemotherapy today due to messed up scheduling at the hospital.  As you all know Alice was really, really “looking forward” to it.  Now she has rest of today and all night to dread, Oops, “look forward” to it.  It is scheduled for 8:30AM tomorrow.  The only good thing that happened today was an installation of a IV line for her blood draw and this will be used for tomorrow’s chemo so that they do not have to root around for a suitable vein.  Also, lab results from her blood draw today were very good.

I will update as soon as possible after the chemo ordeal.


9 thoughts on “Punked No More!!

  1. Alice, that hat brings out the pretty coloring in your cheeks! What’s a little hair anyway when you have the kind of face that can carry it. There are even a few of you in the world who can carry baldness! There’s Telly Savalis, Yule Bryner, Karl Malone and some beautiful women in Star Trek! How’s that for positive reinforcement?

    Truly, though, I’m sorry you have chemo to look forward to tomorrow. And I’m sorry you have had so many days of feeling really sick. I’m sending you heartfelt positive vibes and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Sending a lot of positive vibes from the Gulf South that this round is much more tolerable and that the whole damn thing is over with before you can count the hairs on Alice’s head.

  3. I’ve seen prettier Easter bonnets, but the cap looks warm and functional. I’m eager to see photos of Alice in one of her new wigs.

  4. Hugs from Pittsburgh with a little dust from New York. I’m so sorry you have to endure all of this. And there ought to be a law against hospitals screwing up (scheduling and all other injuries).

  5. Positive thoughts and virtual red wine directly over the sea from Spain. We finally have sunny weather too which I’m loathe to share but I will – just this once!

  6. Geez, you even look good with just about all the hair gone. Seriously! Amazing! You know….for some reason I got to thinking…..I wonder if losing our hair brings more of our soul to the surface. I think that nurse was right about the eyes being more pronounced.

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