Alice punked, again?

Hi all:

I gave Alice another trim yesterday to neaten up and even the length all over.  I have to say the results were much better than that from Friday’s trim.  Here are the pics along with the one taken of her in the Summer of 09.

Her hair, what is left of it is still hanging on.  Pehaps the spike stuff glued it on to the scalp.  Pictures with wigs to follow.


Friday (3/26/10) AM  spike


Sat (3/27) Morning after the second trim

14 thoughts on “Alice punked, again?

  1. I love the spikey do! Adorable! (While it lasts! LOL!) I know that all of the chemo regimens for breast cancer cause hair loss 100% of the time but I do not know about your regimen.I’m crossing my fingers for you! You have your supportive loving hubby and that is worth more than all the hair in the world!

  2. Nice “do”! You will have to spray it a bright color to really qualify it as a punk! I love your beautiful smile, Alice! Hang in there!

    Lynn will come home from the hospital tomorrow. He’s doing good … walking very gently but doing good.

  3. Alice, you look so cool. After treatment, you might want to go back to this look. More importantly, you look very upbeat, which is half of the battle.

  4. I do like the punk look! I’ve only just had the free time to catch up – sounds like it’s been rather hectic and more than a little bit scary. I’m glad you are posting to keep us up to date and I’m relieved to hear that Alice is feeling better.

    I honestly like the new ‘do – Alice looks ready to take on the world!

  5. I swear to God…………you’re one of those people that would look good “even bald”………Oh! Wait a sec……..I guess that was possible…lol
    Seriously……….I LOVE those 2 photos of you with the spiky hair! I think it makes you look younger and just so natural! Really, really cute cut!

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