Nice being home

It’s me again.

We both are enjoying being home and basically not doing anything.  Early afternoon, we started watching Vicky, Christina Barcelona.  Alice started to snooze halfway through.  We will finish watching later tonight.

Good friend Kathryn is bringing us a dinner of quinoa stuffed peppers and a veggie. Thanks to that offer, Alice is now less worried about eating stuff cooked by me. (update: Kathryn did bring us a delicious wonderful dinner and dessert. There was so much of it that we are saving half for dinner tomorrow.  K : You are wonderful!) Yesterday daughter made buffalo burger for her and for lunch today we ate leftover lasagna made by S-I-L.  On top of that I bought her a Crown Burger hamburger as we were coming back after a short trip to the bank and her eyeglass place.  So she has lucked out so far.  My feelings are hurt but I will survive.

Earlier this morning, Alice noticed long strands of hair coming out in her comb.  So, she decided to let me trim her hair.  I could tell that she was terrified when I ran the shears over and lopped off about 3 inches of length.  S

he would not open her eyes for a while.  You can see the picture of the short hair after I was finished.

After screwing up enough courage she looked at herself in the mirror and found that my operation on her hair was not so bad.  She then decided to do a little bit of styling to spike up her hair and you can see major improvement from that.  I am not sure how long this whole thing is going to last.  She may be totally bald by the end of this week.

Alice is still fatigued but feeling much better.  For the next several weeks, we will do our best to have “No Drama Mama” period.

Thank you all for your nice comments, thoughts, prayers and best wishes.


P.S: I had a call from one of my brothers in India. I had been keeping everyone there informed with the goings on here. He was surprised by the positive tone of my (our) posts and emails.  He was really concerned about Alice’s condition and was wondering if I was trying to not worry them by putting a positive light on everything.  We both assured him that we were really being positive because of the  prognosis for her being cured were extremely good.

10 thoughts on “Nice being home

  1. Yay to the spikes. Yay to the positive feelings. Yay to you Hubby and to you Alice. Takes my rumination on going grey and makes them essentially trivial. Got to keep perspective. Lots of love, R

  2. Punk Alice? Wayyyyyyyyy cool!!! I’m just glad she’s doing better and has a good support system. And that you don’t have to cook!!! Please give her a hug from me. And you, sir, are doing great — we really appreciate your keeping us in the loop!!!! Alice is a lucky woman!

  3. Hope dinner WAS good and that you are not just trying to make me feel ok after not cooking in so long!! Alice, you do look good–I was kind of nervous going in thinking about all that you had been thru lately, but in all honesty, you look GOOD. Hubby did a good job cutting hair and I truly like it short and spiky!! It really did give an instant “face lift”. Look
    for that product called “Bed Head” in the grocery–it helps hold the spikes! The two of you are amazing in your positive energy and thoughts and you were so gracious to allow us to have a lovely extended visit–hope it did not tire you out too much!! Hugs, Kathryn

  4. Cool beans Alice. My grandkids would love your hair. Glad you are up and about and smiling how ever slowly. It’s just good to know you are able to smile into the camera between naps. 🙂

  5. So glad everything is okay with you! I had the scary MRSA infections during chemo. You just can’t be too careful. You are so very lucky to have a husband who loves and takes care of you! Hang in there and be good to yourself! Do just one little thing each day that makes you happy!

  6. wow, i think you cut the bangs too short and crooked in the straight pic, but i like the spikes a lot! 🙂

    nice job, dad!

  7. Damn, girl! You look really COOL!
    And ya better watch out…….next thing ya know, Hubby will be opening a posh salon in Salt Lake City! (He did a great job of shearing!)

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