Alice is Back Home

Hi all,

I brought Alice home a few hours ago after several days in the hospital, about 7 hours or so at the University Hospital ER and 2 days plus in the Huntsman Cancer Hospital (HCH)

Here is what happened and I will try to be brief and factual.  About 3 weeks ago (it really feels that long ago, but it was just this Monday, march 22 just around midnight) I had to rush Alice to the ER after she had some vomiting, diarrhea etc late in the evening.  She was totally drained of energy and was generally out of it.  After a little bit of wait (they were getting ready for two trauma patients to take care of immediately) she was taken in and put through a bunch of tests, blood draw etc.  Her electrolytes were pretty much messed up and her sodium levels were very low.  It is just a good thing that we did not know how bad it was because we would have panicked. The doctor at the HCH later told us that he had seen only one case just a little lower than Alice’s level and that patient was in or near coma when she came in.

As they built up her sodium levels slowly (apparently they can’t raise it too fast) she was beginning to feel better.  Well, it took them 2 whole days in HCH to get her sodium levels up to reasonable level and all her vital signs were back to normal.  The final diagnosis was hyponatremeia, probably caused by chemo in combination with the blood pressure medicine  she started to take about a week and a half ago. I am glad to have her home and be her old self and she is all of that now.

It was a hellish “three days” for her and me and I hope the next round of chemo is not a repeat of the first one.

Alice’s hair is just starting to come undone.  I have promised to give her a hair trim to get it short enough.  I will do that as soon as she would let me this evening.

Life with Alice has always been interesting with never a dull moment.  It continues to be so.


P.S:  Thanks to all of you who put up with my last post and posted the nice comments.

12 thoughts on “Alice is Back Home

  1. Dear Hubby…….thanks so much for the horrific update. I really appreciate every bit of news. We will keep the thoughts and cheering section going here. Please give her a hugs from me….you too.

  2. We were starting to worry with no word so thank you for posting this and so happy that Alice has her electrolytes back where they need to be. We’re sending all of our love from here on the bayou and please tell Alice that she is always in our thoughts (and you are too hubby). Love, Rachel, Tatjana and Tin

    • Rachel: Sorry that this post was later than I had planned. The day I was going to update was late Monday when Alice started going downhill. My plan then was to be able post an update later on with a positive ending. I did not really want to write post and leave everyone worrying about the prognosis. The earliest I could do that was today.

      Thanks for your best wishes.


      P.S: I had told Alice to take you up on your offer of Moonpies. She thought that it was not the best thing for our health. I told her that I am willing to take the risk.

  3. I was just thinking (worrying) about her yesterday and am so glad you posted this. You both have really been through a lot!!!! I join you in your hopes for the next round of chemo — hopefully this episode has alerted the doctors of what to monitor — and that it is less stressful for both of you.

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Please know that that all of you, Alice and your family are in my prayers.

    And give her a bundle of hugs from me!!!!

  4. I’m thinking of you both. So glad that Alice is home and that things are looking better. What a scary side-effect.

  5. Hi, Snookie,

    Chemo sucks. It’s very difficult to predict the individual side effects each person will suffer. I am so sorry that Alice became as ill as she did. But, like I always said, she’s very fortunate to have you. When is the next round of chemo scheduled? Let us know about your hair styling skills.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to update us! You both deserve medals of courage! Give my love to Alice. I’ve never gone through an on-line experience qhite like this one. It is very touching. You are both amazing people I hope to meet in person one day. Renae

  7. I’m so sorry to hear Alice has been so sick. It sounds like it was pretty scary there for a while at the hospital. I’m glad you took her in when you did! She is such an awesome lady and friend. We are in the hospital today again. Lynn has just had his second total knee replacement and is feeling pretty good … that’s because he’s still numb from the waist down. His first was 2 1/2 weeks ago. He’ll go home Monday if all goes well.

    Give Alice my love. I hope this next round of chemo goes better. I’m grateful you are keeping us informed! I know how tiring it is to be the caregiver but we are so grateful if we can do anything to make them feel better, aren’t we?

  8. Thank you for keeping us updated. I had food poisoning last month so I had some experience with low electrolyte recently. Although it was definitely nothing comparable. Keep strong and my thoughts are with your family.

  9. God, Alice, you’ve been through hell! Thank God you got to the ER with that incident and hopefully, that was your last bad time with the chemo. Again, mega thanks to Hubby for keeping everybody posted! (Hey, you two……..when Alice gets through this……….I think you both need to come back to Cedar Key and have yourselves a VERY good rest!)

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