Alice in Hubby’s World

Hello All:

I am filling in for Alice today.  Hopefully this is not start of something because I can never match her easy unassuming writing style.  I am only good at making some critical statements about her posts when she wants me to read them before publishing.

Alice was doing great until several days ago.  I even joked to her about how no one would believe that she had gone through her chemo session.  Well, two days ago she started to fell lousy and it continues.  She does not seem to have much energy and she has few other issues such as heartburn, soreness in the throat area, and not being able to eat much.  But she is her old self in other ways.  She is lying on the couch watching all those TV news shows and  listening to all the conservative rantings and yelling at the TV.  She is also having a hard time figuring out how and why these conservatives are allowed to spread their hate and fear on TV.  She gets so angry that she is ready to write letters, make phone calls etc., which is a totally new attitude for her. So,  I am sort of staying clear of her except to get her food, medicine and drinks as she asks for them.  I am sure that she will start to feel better soon and why wouldn’t she, with all the attention and care (including cooking her meals) from me.

Oh another good event. She went shopping for wigs with daughter#1 and granddaughter and came home with two of them.  I have promised to cut her hair short next Wednesday or Thursday when her hair is expected to start coming out in chunks.  I have to admit that the new wigs are better looking than the ones she posted on last week.I am sure she will put those wigs on and write a post with new photos.  Until then this post will have to do.


10 thoughts on “Alice in Hubby’s World

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    I’m sorry she’s feeling crummy. It stinks I’m sure.
    You’re both in my thoughts and even my prayers.
    Please give her a hug from me!
    Great job at posting for her – extra credit for you!!

  2. Dear Hubby,

    Thank you for keeping us all in the loop. It is not easy to write blog posts when you are feeling side effects from chemo. I used to cream and massage my friend’s feet in that low week and she found it relaxing and comforting. I look forward to seeing the modelling of the new wigs when Alice is in form again.

    Pass on big Irish hugs and you are allowed to keep one for the nurse!

    Lán grá

  3. How great of you to keep us informed!!!!!

    Have you read Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ book on grief? It’s considered a landmark work on grief.

    Here’s a link that might help you:

    I have been through it. I survived a massive stroke 30 years ago that left me with very little mobility on my left side and one evening my then hubby heard noises in the kitchen and found me very calmly standing at the kitchen sink and throwing dishes in the sink and watching them break. He grabbed my arm and calmly asked what I was doing. I answered, “I don’t know.” and we both started laughing. Do be glad if she’s yelling at conservative TV — at least they deserve it! My dishes didn’t. It’s her way of asking, “Why me?” And everyone who has had a catastrophic illness gets angry. Her world has been turned upside down and she deserves to be angry.

    If I lived nearby, I’d come over and yell with her!!! Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. My ex did, too. Just be patient and supportive and this will pass.

    AND give her a hug for me and tell her I’m thinking of her.

  4. How fun to hear your distinctive voice after reading about you for nearly a year. Give loves to Alice, and I hope the ranting and raving will chase away the aches and pains. Go get ’em, Alice!

  5. Thanks Hubby for posting and yes, like you I hope it doesn’t become a habit because everyone here in New Orleans is rooting for A to get through this and get back to blogging. But since it’s you who wrote then I address this to you – I read a very interesting book a year ago called Grit and Grace and though it was a very difficult book to read, what I imagine you might learn is that being the support person is tough. Don’t underestimate how tough. So while you are loving and supporting A, remember yourself in this equation – take a walk, or do something you enjoy now and again. You both deserve it.

  6. Dear Hubby…………thanks. We have been away but I have been keeping her in my mind. Is she allowed to have Prilosec? That will help the heartburn. Remind her that free wigs are available through the Cancer Society too. We really care. Hugs to both of you.

  7. I just remembered something…

    For nausea try those Anti sickness bracelets‎. Some people use stretchy bracelets you wear on your wrists to help stop them feeling sick. These are also called ‘acupressure bracelets’ or ‘Seabands’. The bracelet includes a hard plastic stud. You position this in the middle of the inside of your wrist. An acupressure point there is supposed to help control sickness. It may help calm the vomiting centre of the brain and reduce nausea.

  8. Snookie,

    It’s good to hear that Alice is up for a fight. A very positive sign. Let her take her anger out on the TV, but remove all objects that can shatter the screen. Chemo is crappy, but it is effective. I suggest buying ice cream for her. Is there anything I can do?

  9. KUDOS to Hubby for entering the blog world to keep your readers posted! He’s really to be commended. I mean, come ON, how many hubby’s would really do that?
    And Alice……….way to go! Despite chemo, your activist side has stayed intact! Good for YOU!

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